iPhone ringtones in iTunes

Apple recently announced that it will be an iPhone ringtone editor in the latest version of iTunes. This addendum sparked a lot of controversy, especially because Apple reported $ 0.99 as a ringtone.

But is it fair to charge users for the use of a segment of existing music? Apple claims that with a $ 2.50 uplink average ringtone, at least $ 0.50 was saved by downloading the song and creating a ringtone.

Personally, I think Apple makes a bad decision. I was shocked when I heard Steve Jobs announce a fee for the use of the ringtones editor – what was the significance of DRM-free songs if you could not use part of the song? brand new iPhone? The fact is that you have to pay more money on the $ 600 spent on your iPhone to get rid of the increasingly annoying standard ringtones. Of course, imaginary "professional" fading and fade outs are added to your ringtone, but is it really worth the extra $ 0.99?

Although I'm not trying to promote iPhone hacking, I'm sure a rebel group iHackers are working hard to develop a free way to put their own ringtones on the iPhone. I would not suggest using third-party apps (one of the reasons I do not want to re-install my iPhone), but their widespread use can only encourage Apple to think through their monetization tactics.

Source by Liam Schembri

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