iPhone Ringtone Format – How to Make Ringtones for iPhone

Although ringtones can be purchased through the Apple iTunes store, you can create ringtones using any unprotected audio file. The license protection can be removed by writing and re-extracting the audio file to a CD, although this may or may not be legal depending on the location, as this technically means that the license is not protected. ITunes files can not be ring tones without being overwritten unless they are downloaded as a ringtone.

The first step is to get the audio file and make sure it does not have a license. Download the iTunes app and drag the file to iTunes that we will use to convert the audio file to a media format that the iPhone can use.

After selecting the file, select "Converting Selection to AAC" from the "Advanced" menu. AAC is the abbreviation of advanced audio encoding and is the format for ringtones used by Apple iPhone, although the file extension is not .aac.

When creating an AAC file, select File in the Show in Finder command, which displays the file, and changes the .m4a .m4r file extension from the .m4a file. The system will ask for file extensions to be modified. Select .m4r to convert the file to the AAC sound file.

Drag the new .m4r file into iTunes, which will automatically place it in the ~ / Music / iTunes / iTunes Music / Ringtones folder. This is where iPhone searches for new ringtones from iTunes.

Connect your iPhone, select the "Ringtone" tab, and select the newly created ringtone, which must be included with the other ringtones you have created or downloaded.

Sync iPhone with iTunes, and the newly created ringtone should be available. If not, you may have to cut the file for thirty seconds before converting it to ringtone format. This should be done so that it can be converted to the AAC file in order to be effective and it is advisable to delete all files but the original before restarting this process. Every version of iTunes is a bit different, so some of these steps are not entirely, literally accurate, although the method is good.

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