IPhone OS 3.0 – Exactly how advanced is "Advanced"?

Do not mess with a good thing. And the iPhone is definitely a good thing. Most iPhone users tell you they could not imagine without living, but how could it be better? How could Apple possibly have 100 additional features in the incredible software included in the iPhone SDK 2.2.1? Well, Apple's developers tell us to get ready. . . And he leaves us the question, "How advanced is the" advanced "when it comes to the new iPhone software?

As always, Apple was just about new software to leave us impressed. 39. Sometimes, Apple" raises the curtain "to discover something really novel and spectacular, and sometimes all the hype just so … Where is OS 3.0 in this spectrum

" the world's most advanced mobile platform, "OS 3.0's expectations are certainly expecting expectations Most of the 100 new features include the ability to send files via MMS, including contacts, photos and sound files, search for your iPhone, cut, copy and past features, and ( throw away …) use the landmark function to read and compose e-mail and text messages.

Wait a minute. Great things and something about the iPhone c but one step closer to the laptop than the laptops, but is it really a spectacular discovery? Or Apple will save the very best to actually launch OS 3.0, or is it really. In a sense, it seems that these are things that are already included in earlier versions. This is the picture in my head: A freckled geek turns to the other and says, "Hey, Larry should not have copied and past programming? Oh shit, I guess we'll have to get this next time." And for the average users who naturally accept the iPhone technology, these new features are a bit like an exemplary idea.

Perhaps the most advanced people are developers. The new software will include 1000 new APIs, enabling them to build applications that will bring the world to the world. After all, they are the applications that make up the iPhone. Apple claims that the new SDK allows developers to create new applications, games, subscriptions, and more. Use in in-app purchases and create applications that allow peer-to-peer relationships with Blue Tooth. The Push Notification service also sends alerts.

Yeah, we're going to go now. Has Apple dealt with new features that allow applications to be even better and ultimately not what we all care about? Better apps = better iPhone, as far as most of us are concerned. So what does the new iPhone software mean? Personally, I do not think we will be disappointed, but only a very important question to ask is: how much better is the new iPhone, but how good will new applications be once developers get their hands on OS 3.0?

Source by Carl Berkeley

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