iPhone Marketing – Put Your Blog On The iPhone

Want to reach the 45 million iPhones Apple can sell in 2009?

Would not it be good to put the blog in her palm?

According to Fortune magazine (June 11, 2008), experts estimate that Apple will sell 10 and 45 million iPhones between 2009 and 2009! This means that people around the world discover the pleasures of surfing the web.

Would not it be nice if one of your favorite destinations is your blog?

Nowadays, we all know that the iPhone is revolutionizing the mobile phone market. Smooth, sexy and really useful.

However, he could not stop thinking about the wonderful marketing tool for your site or blog. Thanks to the iPhone's built-in connectivity and Safari web browser, millions of new users discover the inheritance to keep them online.

Let me share a real example that just happened last weekend.

From our family home, last Sunday afternoon, our car "chirped" and a strange icon appeared on the instrument dashboard. Slightly started, blown up, and I got to the glove box to find out what's wrong.

Of course the car manual was not there.

Will we go any further? Find a gas station? Pray?

No! Thanks to Daddy's new iPhone, the answer contained only three or four Google searches.

This is a real story. The symbol indicated that the brake pads were worn out (they have changed, thank you) and we were safe to get home. The only thing my iPhone did not save me from my wife was to "talk to me". – Why is not the manual available locally?

Now you may wonder what this story has to do with iPhone marketing?

In fact, I only wanted to understand two important facts.

First, iPhone is in the eyes of many people right now. This is our new game, we show it to all of our friends, and we want to add as many extensions as we can.

Secondly, the idea is permanently tied and informed, very tempting. This trend is just beginning and has enormous benefits.

How much loyalty will you earn when readers have installed a special icon and web app on their main iPhone screen? Would not it be good to give them a special reader, which automatically makes their most recent posts comfortably available?

This is exactly what happened on our website.

Source by Dennis H Lewis

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