iPhone, iPod Touch remote control for MythTV

Enabling the Network Remote Interface on MythTV

Enabling the Network Remote Interface is very simple. All you have to do is go to the Setup Menu, then the General tab and the fourth screen. You must select the "Enable NetworkRemote Control Interface" checkbox. By default, you are listening to TCP port 6546, but you can freely change it.

With this option enabled, you are now ready to control the MythTV box through a telnet session. Check if it is working, try telnet on account 6546 on port 6546.

Check the TCP port 6546 …

Go to your terminal or command line and enter:

telnet your_mythtv_box 6546

Now your hand on the iPhone / iPod Touch!
Installing and Configuring MyMote

I use the kind of free application called MyMote. You can search for this name in the App Store and install it. Of course, you need the iPhone / iPod Touch connected (wirelessly) to the network. At the first startup, MyMote automatically finds all the MythTV backend available on the network. If you do not see the list, you can add it manually.

Select this Backend and suggest a Frontend for you. Now that you have completed the normal installation, a Frontend and Backend device, just select the MythTV box from the list.

The default security PIN 0000, but since I changed my mind, we have received the "Failed to fetch keybinding" error.

If this is your case, just go to the iPod storage area (by clicking the blue arrow) and change the security PIN to the set value.

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