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iPhone is Apple Inc. There is a small smartphone with internet and multimedia facilities. It took place on 9 January 2007. It still has four generations. At the same time, four operating systems were also launched, specifically developed for use with this iPhone. These operating systems are referred to as iOS which means the iPhone operating system.

The first generation of iPhone named originally had a touch screen interface. A similar interface as well as button space and screen size are kept in new versions as well. The second generation iPhone called the iPhone 3G has 3G cellular network and A-GPS location.

The third generation is known as the iPhone 3GS and has increased transmission capacity and comes with high resolution, compass and high speed cameras. 4th generation, iPhone 4, has great features; high resolution camera with high megapixel camera and exciting new features of FaceTime video call.

All versions of the iPhone have media player, internet access, Wi-Fi connection and visual voicemail as a camera device. Apple has kept a similar design for the interface of all iPhone sets, with a large touch screen and one button along with offering a virtual keyboard. IPhone users can download different third-party applications from Apple's App Store, including GPS navigation, social networks, games and various TV shows and movies, etc. All of these 200,000+ apps have been approved by Apple Inc..

Source by Kristoffer Skovlund Kilpinen

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