iPhone iBooks Review

iBooks is a great free smartphone application for iOS4 software update. IBooks previously only the iPad, but eventually comes to the iphone, iOS4 only update. Now you have to download this app from the application store before you can do it, but it's worth it!

If you do not know what iOS4 is, it's the iPhone software update announced by the World Wide Developers Conference. This update has created things like folders and multi-tasking with different iPhone applications to make iPhone even more up-to-date.

When purchasing iBooks' free smartphone application, you will also receive iBookstore where you can browse and buy books. When you first receive the app, you will notice that you will receive a free book with it "Winnie the Pooh."

In this free smartphone applications, reading a book is easy. When you read it, you can find a word you do not recognize. All you have to do is choose the word. You can now search for a dictionary, highlight it, note it, or search it.

This iPhone application also has some cool features that will allow even better free smartphone applications. If you use the app, you can tweak it with some settings. You can adjust the brightness of the iPhone, change the font size and style, make the page white or sepia, and bookmark the page.

Now, check out the iBookstore in this free smartphone app. IBookstore contains 5 columns. The first is the Featured Tab. These are books that Apple has chosen. Here you can find icons that say something like Summer Reading. Touching them will show the selection of summer reading.

The next in this free smartphone application is Charts. If you look at the Top Charts tab, you will see all the books in your books. You can also view the most popular free books listed. You can also view the New York Times tab and view the best sellers.

The next column is the Browse column. Here the author can browse the highest categories. For example, I find that Dafydd ab Hugh is the most popular author of paid fantasy books. If I touch it, I can see his books and maybe buy another one.

The next in this iOS4 application is the Search tab. Authors and books can easily be used here. Next in the Purchases column. This shows all in-app purchases.

This is a great free smartphone application for anyone who wants to read a book. A good part of the iBookstore is that it is easy to find favorite books and easily read on the iPhone 4 retina display. This is a great application for the road, or anywhere, which is very easy to use.

Source by Justin Fowler

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