iPhone gets a new operating system in iOS4

Did you notice that at the iTunes connection to your iPhone and Mac you are prompted to download and install the new iPhone 4 software release? This is the long-awaited iOS4 operating system for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to convert 3G to a much better phone.

Are you interested? Are you sure! All you have to do is download the 223MB iOS4, which is approx. Takes place in 20 minutes, which is contrary to the installation process, which is approx. It takes 9 hours. This is due to the fact that the iPhone is fully backed up at the start of installation and will later return to its original state.

Even though some of its cool features are actually working on a 3G phone, for example, the camera does not support the iBook store, some embedded applications are automatically moved to the utility folder, and so on. All the problems that iPhone 4 launched during the year, which would allow "Face-Time" video chat, etc.!

So, what does iSO4 offer? Here is the checklist:

1. iBooks- This was released when the iPad started, but now iSO4 is available on the iPhone!

2nd Touch to focus the videos. 3G owners can touch the focus of videos as they are in snapshots. Built-in cameras provide 5x digital zoom.

3rd Application Folders – Your applications can now be grouped into folders and stored in folders so they are easier to find.

4th Bluetooth Keyboard Support – Do You Have Long Documents To Write? Connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth keypad and take it.

5th Spell Check – When you type words while typing, they are red.

6th Replace Text – The & # 39; cutting & # 39; copy & paste & # 39; and paste & # 39; also options that are & # 39; change & # 39; Option.

7th Multitasking – Oh, yes! Nowadays, there is a great need. Run many applications at once without closing. If you want to switch to a previously open application, all you have to do is double-tap the current application.

So go ahead and upgrade the 3Gs now and you're ready to enjoy many more features on iSO4 until things get better when the iPhone 4 comes in.

Source by Denise Lesner

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