iPhone Exercise Apps

The iPhone has revolutionized how communication is communicated and how we get information now, application developers have found a way to help individuals achieve their practical goals. Below are some apps that help you track and guide you during your practice.

first iFitness

-Cost: $ 1.99

Advantages: Logging your workout for you is relatively costly compared to other fitness applications that provide the same utility. Tips for beginners, such as cardio routines, proper weight lifting forms, and the proper use of the gym.

Disadvantages: This app contains pre-designed workouts that are quite old. while you are planning your own, you can still choose only a few combinations.

Good for users who use fitness magazines and are flexible on their way to new tasks.

2nd GymGoal ABC

– Prices: Free

Benefits: The free version of the application offers over 280 different exercises and allows you to add your own photos to various practical forms. It has a number of calculators to track BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (body mass ratio) and body fat percentage. In addition, it allows you to work out the exercise to concentrate on the body's maximum.

Disadvantages: These exercises are only used in a gym equipped with specific equipment, there is no free movement in the open, such as running freely. There are few scheduled workouts in this app.

Good for beginners who need to learn the right format.

3rd Lose!

– Price: Free

Benefits: This application allows you to follow daily calorie intake depending on the food and how much you use during exercise. There is a fairly wide choice of named meals, from which you can choose and have an accurate caloric content for each dish. It also allows you to track your input and adjust your weight loss goals in the future.

Disadvantages: Calorie values ​​for training and eating are not always accurate for each individual. This application does not allow you to enter body weight or fat percentage for each training session.

Good for people who want to keep up-to-date calories and track goals.

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