iPhone damage due to water? And my tips to save their iPhone

I just got the new iPhone 4 that came out of my pocket while dropping in the pool and dropped into the water. I thought he was suffering from water loss forever or worse, maybe he did not work.

Fortunately, the water was only 30 cm deep (with a small children's pool), but completely immersed. I never took anything so fast in my life! Once in my hand I did the following:

  • I tried not to panic (it sounds silly, but I think the most can be identified).
  • It has been lowered from both sides through the protective cover.
  • I tried to turn it on again (do not do this – it can damage the phone – I did not know it then)
  • When it failed, I took it to the sauna and put it in a hot place (do not do this – it can break the parts of the phone and cause permanent damage – and if so, keep it in your hand and keep it away from direct heat and just want it to be dry).
  • In 5 minutes, still nothing. Except for the small voice on / off switch that shaken the phone when I changed my position. My phone was still alive! But not just that.
  • In my desperate experiment, I kept the pool hairdresser. Not too close, but enough to allow hot air to dry for each part.
  • He switched on the car in the car and put the phone in hot air for 15 minutes.
  • Home, I Googled what to do. I've watched some YouTube videos about how to open the phone to dry up, but it looked complex and I did not have enough tools.
  • For a while I did not do anything. Then I synced with my computer. Nothing (not a good idea, after all, it's better to wait until you are sure that all moisture has left the phone).
  • Then I read this article about putting the phone in a plastic bag filled with raw rice. The rice will suffice from the remaining moisture from the phone.
  • So I did this. According to the article, 5 hours, but I expected two and tried to turn it on again. Nothing. There was a cup of coffee, I tried again – do not do this now. Wait for 5 hours or more. The longer the patient may be, the greater the chance that all moisture will leave the phone, the less chance that iPhone will be damaged by a short-circuit – nothing.
  • After the second cup (coffee) – I felt I needed it – I turned on the iPhone, and after a while waiting, I thought she was not going to get up, I saw the silvery gray apple appear on the screen . It seemed to last forever as long as the phone goes off.
  • I opened it with my finger and tried to resist the damage. # 39; I did everything except the sound I later found out because the phone thought the headset was plugged into the socket when it was not there. It stopped after 2 hours in the rice pad.
  • Finally I tested synchronization and worked fine.
  • After writing a month later, the phone is in good condition but does not heat up during charging. Of course, the best tip I can give you is never to take the phone to the swimming pool, and if so, it has very deep pockets.

    For more information, I can write a more detailed article .

    Disclaimer – I'm not an expert on the iPhone's water damage and I'm not responsible for your iPhone if you follow these steps. I just wanted to share with you what worked for me and what things I later figured out was a good thing and which was not such a good idea.

    Source by Erik Van Geest

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