iPhone Complaints – Even good qualities can have a negative side

In the summer, iPhone is a great device. But there's no such thing as a perfect phone, not even iPhone. Well, what may seem perfect for Apple and its designers may not be perfect for some users. People have different wishes and different people have different uses for that too. And that issue about iPhone complaints coming about.

Summary of iPhone Complaints

The contact may seem very nice and quite cool, but there are some complaints about this. Many iPhone users use text messages quite heavily. And their complaint is that they make many mistakes in typing text messages. Their fingers are too big that they would usually hit the wrong buttons instead. They are only used for a standard mobile keyboard. So it would take them longer to send a text message.

Also in text you would tend to shorten words most often. But with automatic digital views, you can not do that. If you shorten words, the wrong word will replace. This is a little uncomfortable for people who are so used to text.

You can not use the style of iPhone because you would again be able to point out the wrong characters and even links. On the web surfing, you might want to go to a link, but these items are small and it's hard to beat. It takes longer to go where you want to go. And striking wrong items most of the time can only be annoying.

iPhone uses Safari as a browser. One common iPod complaint is that Safari does not automatically fill in the search box. This would have been a useful feature, especially since many iPhone owners have a little hard to enter.

You can not receive calls when you transfer data to iPhone. Many users will be able to receive calls at the same time to reach them all. It would be unfortunate if you can not. In a fast world we live, you really need to use both at the same time sometimes.

If you need to change the e-mail address you have to enter again. Again, time is so important at this age. People want to make it fast and comfortable way.

As you navigate the iPhone with the touch screen, it's unavoidable that your screen gets dirt on it. But even if there was an engineer in such a special way, you can not use a normal cloth to wipe out dirt. Well, not everyone would be willing to carry one accessory, no matter how small it is.

There were also complaints about the iPhone built-in camera. For such an advanced phone, the camera does not even zoom. If you want to take better pictures, this camera would be disappointing.

Are these iPhone complaints valid?

Well, every single iPhone complaint is valid. But it may only be valid for the complaint. Again, different people have different wishes. While others may mock your complaints, they are as real when you're the one who's inconvenient.

Source by Willhelm Williams

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