iPhone Case – HTC FUZE Smartphone

For those who love iPhone, but can not resist writing full-text messages, HTC FUZE Smartphone can be just the phone for you. That a fair amount of functionality on the touchscreen, and in addition to it's fully mobile slider keyboard. Think about it as & # 39; hybrid & # 39; touchscreen phone.

The Touch Screen on HTC FUZE Smartphone includes graphic, rich TouchFlo 3D technology. The touch screen of this phone fails flawlessly with finger tips, and because it's designed for single use, you can easily access many features, such as scrolling and sliding with one hand. It also has "zoom in and out" features that make it easy for you to browse the network using its browser's browser. It automatically switches from portrait and landscape perspectives when you change your phone. This phone also connects the internet seamlessly with 802.11b / g wireless connection.

HTC FUZE Smartphone runs on the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform, giving it great flexibility because there are thousands of apps out there written for the Windows Mobile platform (the same can not be said for iPhone).

HTC FUZE Smartphone is a bit thicker (because of the keys), but less wide compared to the iPhone. Its battery is in the standby mode of approximately. 500 hours (19 days) and over 7.4 hours of talk time. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera that takes pictures, recorded video clips and also for video recording. The phone runs a hefty 288 MB of RAM.

Source by Tim Pecunia

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