iPhone Battery Replacement 3Gs Information

The iPhone 3Gs were introduced on June 9, 2008 and the 3GS was launched on June 7, 2010. If you have one of your iPhones, it is likely that iPhone has battery replacement 3Gs, as many iPhone users may also need to charge the battery and iPhone battery replacement is required. The lithium ion polymer or Li-ion installed in 3GS is for a short time. Each battery should have a special battery life and a specific battery life. Battery life refers to the time that you can actively use the phone, including standby time. The battery life is the time until the battery is actually charged and is constantly on and off.

When Apple replaced the iPhone 3G with the iPhone 3GS, it claimed that the battery lasts longer than the older model, but in reality it does not. So the 5-day 55-minute usage is the same and the standby time is one day, the seven hours remaining the same. A & # 39; S & # 39; it is supposed to be the & # 39; speed & # 39; and the newer version is slightly faster in most applications. If you have one of the original 3G phones, you need to know that it has been terminated and is no longer supported by Apple technology and updates. But 3GS certainly even though Apply has upgraded this phone to 4th generation or 4G.

When Apple introduced 3G, it said the battery capacity would be 16% longer than the original iPhone battery, and that's true. Since you had one of these versions for many years, you should consider that you may need iPhone battery replacement, but Apple has not designed any of them for the actual consumer to replace the battery. If you face problems with 3GS, the simplest and in fact the cheapest replacement will be the battery replacement.

When Apple introduced the upgraded 3G version for which 3GS also has two new features designed to increase battery life. One of the two new features was that when the phone was held close to the face or face, a deactivator actually blurred the screen to save the battery. The second option was to install an ambient light sensor that would automatically increase the display, or make the interior or exterior lighting brighter, thus saving battery usage.

As charging batteries to mobile phones, including iPhone, confusing the use of a mobile phone and limiting the size of the battery due to a smaller phone booth, this is a feature that has to be repeatedly made. Charging frequency is directly related to the amount of iPhone 3GS applications. Some applications, such as textiles, use much less batteries than others, such as many games.

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