iPhone apps for kids

Someone said that the best things in life are free – that's true for the iPhone too. There are many popular iPhone applications available for free. In this article, I review the popular free games, utilities, social and music applications for kids.

Social Apps

Facebook and Twitter are virtually indispensable in today's world. Unlike everyday applications, Skype, Foursquare and AIM are available free of charge. If you can not get four people, check out. This is a web site that allows you to discover any city. If you are traveling, this can be very useful to you.


These include the Dragon Dictation application that recognizes a voice recognition application for any commands or voices. Thanks to the world's leading voice recognition company, Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Another utility application is the currency converter created by OANDA. Find the app for publishers. name. Watch the latest foreign exchange rates and allow you to easily convert the other.

Evernote is a newer application that is used by the popular voice recording site known as evernote.com. You can use this app to make notes, whether in writing, in pictures or in videos. One of the great things about the devil is that the notes are synchronized on the Internet so you can access any notes from any computer.

Music and Entertainment Applications

If you want to use a personalized radio service, Pandora radio is the best free option. Tell the name of an artist or band, and from there start to select the tracks on the station and immediately listen to it. ICamcorder Lite is a free application that lets you capture video on your iPhone. It captures the video at a smooth 15-frame speed with high quality sound.

SoundHound is a free application that lets you know the song's name from the melody or fragment you hear. Just put the app in and let the sound you want to hear is heard. The application will search the online folder database and tell the name and artist of that song.


SportsTap is an applet that gives all baseball fans access to the full stats of baseball history. Do you want to know the number of doubles suffered by Marty Barrett in 1987? Or depending on who you want to know who joined the 1999 Baseball Hall of Fame. All of these and more are available at Sportstap.mobi for free at SportsTap.

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