iPhone Apps For Kids – an emerging industry

iPhone applications are a major emerging industry for children. In autumn 2008, only a handful of iPhone apps were found in the App Store for kids. 1 year later, in the Education category (with about 6,000 apps) in the iTunes App Store, half of the Top 100 paid apps are iPhone applications for children. Many of these are iTouch applications for children, designed for small children and kindergartens.

Apple itself recognizes the importance of this new emerging market. During the week of October 5, 2009, Apple has dealt with 10 children's iPhone apps. These applications were included in the "App for Toddlers" promotion as App Store Essentials on the App Store website. The App Store also has a Kids Games category, and in iTunes under the Children's Music category, it was featured as an iPhone for "Apps for Kids". In addition, Apple also featured in the iPhone ads for children's ads.

This is the growth of this industry. The iPhone mummy was hailed as the new football mum of Tech Crunch, and moms should pay attention to the kids when they are in restaurants, airplanes or doctors' offices. ITouch applications allow kids and kids to quickly provide attractive, educational attention and alternative to fat-burning pencils, slamming games, slinky games, and other toys delivered by moms in heavy bags. In the release just because of a very necessary distraction, iPhone applications for children are often educational content and can help in delicious motor skills development.

Source by Cameron Sanders

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