iPhone applications by popular certification companies now available in the Apple Store

Satire News Entertainment Application:

This is a public application for one of America's most popular news. It is the last bastion of impartial, reliable and final news in the world characterized by privilege, median. Application provides news on the iPhone's iPhone of various types of content such as slide show, horoscope, broadcast, video, news articles, editorial photos, etc.

Statesman News Application:

Austin Statesman News Reader application is an iPhone application, which acts as a reporter client to the Austin government server. This program is all about news reading in a more powerful and useful way for the user. This application will be developed for the iPhone 3G mobile phone and iPod Touch device. The content of the application is divided into three sections Latest News, Blogs and Photos.

BMC Media:

BMC Media is an iPhone application that displays BMC media content including blogs, podcasts and videos available at BMC communities. This BMC Mobile Media solution shows BMC Media content on iPhone 3G phones and iPod touch.


This application for radio energy is radio technology. The application has been developed for iPhone 3G mobile phones on iPod Touch devices. The application consists of nine web addresses on top of two live streams. In addition to this there will be another live stream and two pages related to the external podcast page.

Caddies Call:

This program allows golfers to track their game on the go. They can choose courses, add / add new courses, maintain and their partners & # 39; scoreboard. The application also has the ability for users to make reminder to order food by giving the restaurant a call.

New 7 Wonders:

A new 7 wonders is a program that provides information about the world's latest seven wonders. The application will allow the user to browse different images and photographs available to the selected wonder / memo. The user can get information about seven wonders of the world at any given time.

Light bulbs:

This mobile application involves designing a green home. The application allows the user to select household lighting equipment and check all locations for those who could help to conserve energy.

Whistler Mountain Bike Application:

For the Whistler Mountain bikini windows, the Whistler Mountain Bike iPhone program offers its users daily daily updates of bikini tournaments in the form of videos, images, gestures, users reviews along with all relevant information.

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