iPhone Application – Loopt

This iPhone app uses Loop to track your location and share it with friends who have their app on their iPhone. I really like the idea and I have 10 friends who have used it so far. It's very accurate and shows all your friends on a map or in a list that shows you what streets are and how far they are from you. Each user can customize his profile with an image.

You can call Loopt from every friend's profile page, get text, pings, comments, and your favorites to get directions in place. Here I find this is the most useful. Essentially, you never have to call and someone gives you the instructions again. Simply look at them in the Loop app, find their location and show Loopt a map to your friend.

You can change the "What's up?" to get acquainted with their friends about what they are like to update their Facebook status, which can be set up together. On the settings tab, you can set location settings from 3 options:

1. Share with my friends

2. Share with your friends

3. Hide for Everyone

A feature I do not use on Loopt-on Loopt Mix. This feature allows you to create a unique profile that is connected to Loopt users who are not in the address book (alien) who may have similar interests. Loopt does not share your phone number or exact location. To enable this feature, click "I accept Loopt Mixet".

Source by Chuck Schwarz

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