iPhone Application Development: Top 5 iPhone Application Designers

Creativity does not follow any timing. The designer can not ask for his creativity to wait until he reaches his office or starts his computer. Most people are never far from their iPhone and designers can use iPhone applications to capture and develop drawings. This article presents the top five iPhone apps for designers.

Creativity is not tied to time; the ideas do not expect the Mac to be launched and will never reach the designer-friendly computer. Fortunately, you can do fantastic things with iPhone if you have the right type of apps installed on your smartphone. As a result of the development of fast iPhone applications, your phone offers as much functionality as your computer. Multipurpose designers are also able to drive creative juices if they find different images on their computer, laptops, and smartphones alike!

I like to handle iPhone applications and the iPhone has too many design applications, most of which are not very useful. But there are iPhone apps for designers that are fun, entertaining and very useful. The following are (in my opinion) the most amazing iPhone applications for designers:

Pallets Pro: Do ​​you remember that day when you created the perfect shade of dark green? Have you lost it already? If you've lost it, this app is for you. You can not only create different color palettes with Palette Pro, but you can maintain multiple palettes simultaneously. This is a really wonderful application that lets you capture colors from any photo or image, and uses colors that support different color schemes.

Color Games: Although Palette Pro is the best weapon in the experienced designer's armor, Color Toys is a similar application for amateurs during design (and for easy entertainment designers). You can create a variety of color schemes and allow you to play a wide range of color schemes. You can also use it to find the right color scheme.

WhatTheFont: I'm sure you were in this situation: you find a nice letter in a book or on the Internet and you know this is the perfect letter for the design you're working on. But every effort to find out the name of the font does not succeed. All you have to do is take a photo with your iPhone and ask the app to name the font in the picture!

Ruler Plus: Do you feel stupid with a ruler when you have all kinds of hi-tech devices around you? This remarkable product, thanks to the development of iPhone applications, turns your iPhone into an accurate 7 cm ruler; you can also change the application's specific needs in the application. But this is just the beginning, this app will also let you know the exact color of your images, manage your projects, and help develop a detailed mini project on your iPhone.

iBlue Pad: Remember the day you woke up, did you dream of an incredible design idea? Often, he wakes up from a very creative dream and forgets everything at a glance. The iBlue Pad helps a lot if you are a designer who is experiencing random, unpleasant moments. It helps you quickly organize and capture your ideas; If you do not have an idea, the idea tool will help you with something surprising!

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