iPhone and iPod Touch are the best applications

At the end of 2008 I came across an iPod touch 2G (second generation). Before I explain the use of the three best iPhone and iTouch I have to buy this iTouch one of the best things I've ever bought.

Here you find the best stuff on my iPod:

1. The first and most appropriate use of iDevice is the music future that is built on the iPhone and iTouch firmware. Playback quality is exceptionally high and the music selected from the music library is exactly like choosing a home CD. All songs are sorted in the following way:

Playlists, artists, songs, albums, audiobooks, compositions, composers, genres, iTunes U (learning paths) and podcasts.

There is another way you can choose music that is called Genius Mixes. In this mode, iTunes connects to the Internet and synchronizes songs with people listening to similar music as you do. Then you get the playlists that are organized by other students who have musical tastes like you.

The last part of the music library you like is the cap flow mode that appears when you rotate the device horizontally. You can see the following screenshot:

2. One other thing I enjoy on iPod touch or iPhone is playing games with it. The games are controlled by the iDevice multifinger screen. I mentioned the 3 best and lite games I enjoyed when I first used the iPod Touch:

* Angry Birds

* DoodleJump

* Street Fighter IV

3. The third best thing I enjoy on iPod touch or iPhone is the internet browsing experience. I can say that you will be the best on-the-go web browsing experience. Each web page is loaded exactly as if you were using your computer at home. Maximum efficiency will be when you use other software for the Internet, such as Safari Mobile. One of the best web browsers in iPhone and iPod touch is iCabMobile. You can find it in the App Store. There is another version of this beautiful software for Macs that I have not used, maybe one of the best on the Mac.

As you can see, using iPod touch or iPhone is not really something special, but as you manage and enable, iOS devices are the killer devices.

Source by Amin Akbari

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