iPhone and iPad Passcode Lock Clears the data option

I recently tried a test on my iPhone to increase my iPhone training. During the experiment, I activated the "Delete my personal data" feature on my iPhone. In the next few paragraphs I will explain what happened exactly and what to expect.

Here's what I did. I went to (Settings> General> Password Lock) and "Delete Data" is set to "On". I then backed up from iPhone to iCloud and iTunes. Finally, he wrote the code incorrectly ten times.

Okay, really, I was writing six times when the big red "iPhone Disabled try again in 1 minute" appeared. After a minute, I tried again and closed for 5 minutes. My eighth effort was a 15-minute wait. And my ninth and tenth 10 have also received a 60-minute "iPhone Disabled" delay time. I needed to submit an incorrect password the eleventh time before I completely deleted my data.

Just one side note. I tried to stop the shutdown by using a soft reset and a hard reset. None of them worked. I've also reviewed Find My iPhone through iCloud and tried my iPhone successfully. Then I activated the "Play the sound and the messages" option when I found My iPhone. They played music, though they did not show any messages.

So it is approx. Three hours ago, I tried to turn off the "Erase Data" function, and I was finally successful. My iPhone is in a brand new box on the iPhone. This is where it is awesome … at least in my experience.

I was guided to set up steps. You have chosen language, country, and location services. Then he bought a Wi-Fi Networks display that allowed me to pick a WiFi network.

At the bottom of the "Wi-Fi Networks" panel, select "Connect to iTunes". It disappeared after my iPhone 4 reset. You can then convert "Connect using a mobile phone". I decided to join the cell phone.

I got three options: I can set it as a new phone, Restore from iCloud Backup or Restore from iTunes Backup. I've decided to handle the installation as a new iPhone. Then I wrote my wife's iCloud data.

Probably my iPhone 4 or my earlier phone was built and used by someone at that moment. I could call people and use it as anyone who has terminated the iPhone could use it.

During the worst conversation I tried to find Find My iPhone. As I assumed, my iPhone was no longer able to find my account. However, I could track the iPhone 4S in the spouse's iCloud account.

To bring back the iPhone 4S, well, once again, I visited Settings> General> Reset and I touched "Clear all content and settings". When I was asked, I was twice sure, the iPhone 4S was deleted and restarted. After that, I set up my phone and reset it from the iCloud file backup.

NOTE: If you ever sell the iDevice, make sure it goes through the procedures in the paragraph above. Never sell your iPhone or iPad with your personal data.


If you've ever wanted the slightest chance of finding your slider iPhone or the stolen iPad, keep this setting "Off". If it stops, the thief will disable your iPhone or iPad in the time frame mentioned above. This means that after the ninth unsuccessful attempt, You have to wait 60 minutes before trying again. Of course there is a risk that the criminal will be transferred to all 9,999 probable codes and have access to your information. This certainly requires a certain amount of consideration, albeit simply because it keeps many years in order to reflect on them all.

If your data is sensitive, I suggest that you go to Settings> General> Password Lock> Simple Password and set this setting to "Off". This allows you to enter numbers, numbers, and special characters. This provides much more than the simple password 9,999 option.

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