iPhone – 7 rules for creating Killer iPhone Apps

He admitted that he would never have thought that iPhone would be so alarmingly popular. But there is and can not be ignored, or millions of apps that float in the Apple App Store.

The strange, unique, unique to the unusual and bizarre, versatile applications in the direction of the App Store. Today more than a hundred are being launched. With the growing and larger everyday use of the App Store, a lifetime of everyday apps is less than a week. Insult the iPhone application is really a challenge for any iPhone application developer face.

The launch of the most popular iPhone app is not an easy task and requires a lot of scaffolding on your brain. Although there is no exact science to create a killer iPhone app, you can launch a perfectly perfect vendor if you follow the rules of thumb 7:

1. Innovation: Try something new. Is your iPhone app the "wow" factor? Innovative, okay? Is this the only one of its kind? If so, you will receive the app in the App Store.

2nd Usability: Its applications are highly creative and can be surprisingly new. But users will not use it if they can not be used. Create an app that has a useful value. Fantastic applications are good but they do not get anywhere. The usability expert claims that the importance of "intuitive and consistent usability" must be followed while building iPhone applications.

3rd Keep it simple: Keeping it simple is a golden rule for developing mobile apps. No one wants an application that embarrasses or complicates things for them. The harder it is to use the app, the less recognition will be from users.

4th Pricing: Anything to sell if it's free in the internet world. This does not mean that it must be free of charge for the killer application. You can sell anywhere between $ 0.99 and $ 20. But be careful. Your application will get more freedom if you give it for free than when it starts with a price tag. Maybe you can try different strategies. You can set your beta version for free and add new versions.

5th Providing support: Respond to the performance of apps in the store. If users find it difficult to handle certain features, try changing them or giving them instructions on managing the application.

6th Updates: Whatever remained idle, blurred. Never leave your app in beta. Continue updating new features. Listen to the users and do as many new features as possible. People who have not been able to notice the app when they appear will be able to detect the updated version and start using it.

7th Marketing is indispensable: Yes, no doubt that this is important in the killer application. You can not create a killer application if you can not launch it. The more your apps distribute, the more users are aware of. Instead of aggressive marketing, it is a useful, result-oriented marketing. You will definitely find a successful path.

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