iPhone 5 – When did you expect or get iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 5 was replaced by iPhone 4 on October 4th. Some of the disappointments were great. Others hasten to take advantage of the tremendous features of the 4S model. The question is whether to do this or wait for Apple's 5th generation smartphone to come out.

Of course, we can ask about iPhone 5 soon, as there are so many new software on the 4S model. Although Apple does not provide a formal statement, speculations suggest that the company's fifth-generation smartphone will be released by the autumn of 2012 at the latest.

This is good news for all those who are expecting Apple's next technological miracle. However, you really have to ask yourself that the iPhone 5 really has a lot more and better features than the 4S model.

Let's see what's available. The iPhone 4S has iOS 5 software with over 200 new and upgraded features. The screen will keep you informed when your work is not canceled thanks to the innovative notification center. Twitter is now fully integrated into the system so it can beeps from many applications. IMessage is a functional instant messaging application that has various features.

iCloud technology allows you to use the 4S tool without connecting the settings and updates to the Internet. It also allows for simple and fast data sharing between devices.

Siri is another great innovation. Essentially a loud assistant. Simply put, you give commands to Siri and performances. You can ask where you can take an umbrella tomorrow and give you the weather forecast.

The 4S smart phone's dual-core processor enables faster and more reliable performance. The 8 megapixel camera produces better photos. The touch screen is more comfortable to use.

The question is what more can be. What's more about the iPhone 5? There are two major improvements on the 4S, which is expected by the fifth-generation smartphone. The first is the 4G capability that allows a much faster and more reliable data transfer rate. The second is thinner design. In fact the rumors say that the iPhone 5 will be super slim tear drop design. The screen is expected to be larger. You must wait for some surprises as well.

Overall, you have to decide whether to wait for the iPhone 5 or get the iPhone 4S.

Source by Munira Altaf

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