iPhone 5 screensavers and radiation protection

Summer is different for different people. For teachers and students, this means keeping away from school. For church visitors it means having a holiday at the Bible School. And gadget lovers will also be coming to the new iPhone 5. I've been waiting for Apple for a long time to come up and update the features we really wanted for the iPhone when it first came out. Now it seems that you have it.

At the beginning of the iPhone 4 comes the introduction of the notorious bulletproof glass technology. Many people are concerned about the durability of the phone after several times have resigned. Thus, iPhone 5 cases are less necessary to cover the face of the phone. Screen savers can be useful for heavily screened screens.

The screen's aluminum silicate glass is "20 times harder and 30 times harder than plastic," as Apple's design leaders announced. This provides better scratch resistance to the screen and the phone is much more durable than previous versions of iPhone and other mobile phone periods.

However, screen savers can be used to "unlock face" accidentally while someone calls and their face tapping the screen. The slight decrease in screen sensitivity with the screen saver can be all that is needed to prevent annoying random sounds.

iPhone 5 Case and Radiation Protection

All phones emit radiation. The iPhone is no different, and unfortunately, as forecasts increase, so the amount of radiation is released. Many people want to avoid being infected with mobile phone radiation, but unfortunately the iPhone 5 cases are unable to prevent transmission of the radiation from the phone to the user.

The radiation levels are not only for the iPhone, though all the advances in the iPhone 5, are likely to be greater than the radiation signature. The only way to limit radiation is to limit the time spent using the phone. This applies to all phones, not just the iPhone.

Most people who would ever do to limit the radiation exposure keep the phone away from the body. The iPhone 5 cases probably do nothing to prevent radiation problems. Experts recommend using handheld devices or speaker options to allow distance between the user and the phone.

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