iPhone 4G Release Date – Is it possible that iPhone 4G will be released on June 18?

Apple is always doing a good job of marketing an article. Especially the release of the element. Well, Apple's boys again again. This time their new product was as expected as they came. The new Apple iPhone 4G is coming soon, but no one is pretty sure of the iPhone 4G release date.

It's rumored that the date of release will be June 18, which has been a few since Friday. This makes sense for a few reasons. First of all, we all know that the new iPhone 4G will be coming sooner than it is later, and it's almost certain it will be this month. Second, the big WWDC is this weekend, and Steve Jobs himself is supposed to announce / speak out of the much anticipated 4G. For those who do not know WWDC is the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and developers with innovative and Apple technologies. And trust me if you do not know that this conference is about not being alone.

One thing I think is sure that this product is very much awaited and you can guarantee it will sell immediately and in the first few months it will be as difficult as a honest politician. This is Apple's marketing genius. They generate enormous demand and only spend a small part of this demand. Then the product becomes almost a status symbol in such a way that it is difficult to come. No wonder Apple sells a bunch of everything that has been extinguished.

Source by Anthony S. Jackson

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