iPhone 4 – Turn on Powerhouse for less than $ 10

The iPhone 4 is one of the most advanced, mass-produced mobile devices in today's world. The appeal of the iPhone to other smartphones is the boundaries that the App Store offers. Anyone who knows how to create an app, so everything thought, made, and uploaded to the application store, because the app's "idea team" is the greatest anywhere: it's the community. Android phones have 4G network capabilities, yes, but are Androids really competing with the ever-growing range of applications that iPhone has? This is the question that has chosen me for choosing iPhone. Apple knew they were judging by their ads (showing cool apps) and so many people use the iPhone 4.

So I bought the iPhone 4 and honestly spent a lot of time with almost no customization. I could not find out where to start. Well, in some research, I was asked about the list of non-imprisoned apps that have at least a large amount of iPhone potentials.

  • My first application was a new browser: Skyfire. Skyfire is a great application because it supports flash in a very well formatted format using a live buffering method based on a 3G connection. Additionally, if you are one of the annoying phone browsing formats on websites (such as Safari, it's hard to sign in to certain websites), Skyfire works as a complete computer with a browser that displays the real page from every page. Price: $ 2.99 (US)
  • The second app: Dropbox. Dropbox is exactly what it sounds like: an online storage that can connect files between your computer and your phone. After downloading the application, you downloaded Dropbox on your computer and linked them through a Dropbox account. Next, all files opened on your computer that can be opened in the "Dropbox" folder can be opened on your phone. Dropbox is completely free, without needing more than 2 GB of online storage, which is enough for me. Dropbox can also detect programs that can help you open files in Dropbox, leading to 3rd party. Price: Free
  • Office 2 (square, not the second number) is a very convenient application to create, edit, and view Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files. The interface has useful formatting and text metering capabilities, while the most important aspect of Microsoft compatibility on your computer is flawless. With Office 2, you can open and save both 2003 (.doc) files and 2007 (.docx) files. This application is easy to use as the best document editor, as it is relatively inexpensive while it works just the way it is needed. Price: 5.99 (compared to 9.99 and 14.99 for other applications that are the same thing)
  • The fourth app: Facebook (if any). The Facebook application is very useful and has an interface that allows you to use Facebook, just like your computer. Brilliantly performs, continuously updates and reduces the delay with 3G service for traffic received by Facebook users. Price: Free
  • The Fifth: Shazam. Shazam is a great application that activates listening to the music you play (radio or something) and gains as much information as you can about the song, such as a name, artist, lyrics, etc. Shazam is very helpful and definitely recommend (obvious). Price: Free (or 5.99 for Encore Edition)
  • The Sixth: AroundMe. AroundMe is a surface that searches virtually anything (by category) according to your location. Do you need a quick snack to eat? Just click on the category on the easy-to-use interface. Not only does it feel cool but also very useful, especially from the state. Price: Free
  • My last recommended set of packages essentially includes things created by Google. Google applications are deeply integrated to work fantastically with the iPhone, and everyone has great benefits. I suggest using one of them, but if I choose two, then Google Earth and Google Search.

All of these applications are being used regularly, and I consider my time so useful. In fact, I used the 2 and the Dropbox to write a good part of the article.

Now a clear question would be: "What about the games?" and I can say I have a large number of gaming apps on my iPhone 4, but suggesting they're affecting them. Some like strategy games, while others make strategy more tedious and simple games more attractive. Games are simply a taste.

I wish you a lot of success with the iPhone 4, and I hope it was useful! For mathematicians the total amount is 8.98 USD (US)

Source by Justin DesLaurier

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