iPhone 4: The Glass Gate is the Next Antenna Gate for the Apple iPhone 4?

Only when all hysteria started to die from the Antenna Gate, iPhone 4 is experiencing another problem. Apple has admitted that they are looking for slippage on iPhone 4 cases. Interestingly, this problem has been brought to the surface since iPhone 4 has been around for months.

When the iPhone 4 first came out, everyone loved it, except for a big, brilliant problem. This was a problem for many who dripped. Without an explanation and a clear indication, people could not join. Finally, the root cause of the stainless steel antenna was found, and the "Antenna Gate" was born. When the antenna is in the lower left corner, the iPhone 4 will lose its signal completely. Steve Jobs had to hold a press conference that protected iPhone 4 and also told consumers how to fix the problem. At first he simply stated that he kept the device so that he did not close the antenna with his fingers or palm. This proposal did not go well with customers, so the second solution was a bumper around the phone. The bumpers allowed the necessary distance between the hand and the antenna and corrected the decrease in connection. Apple has offered a free bumper or case to anyone who bought iPhone 4 before September 30, 2010.

When iPhone 4 was released, many remember that there was no huge choice of available cases. The bumpers are the only real accessory that contained more pops on the phone covers. Now the market is flooded with various types of covers that can be purchased. The time to market the new box boxes was to delay the latest news. The "ultra-hard" Gorilla bottle on the back of the iPhone 4 is very scratchy. In fact, a recent survey by Cult of Mac shows that three-quarters of respondents who slipped on the iPhone 4 were scratching and cracking the glass. Only a quarter of people said there was no problem with the use of slides.

It remains to be seen that the new iPhone 4 problem will be as big a problem as the antenna gate, although I am not the first to use the term "glass gate". People generally forgive cosmetic mistakes like the usefulness of the phone. Still, the phone doesn't meet people's ridiculously high expectations. The appliance is damaged in standard cases recommended by Apple. Additionally, Apple has withdrawn its white iPhone 4 release date several times. Is it possible that glass scratching and cracking are the cause of these manufacturing problems? In any case, Apple needs to address and resolve these problems if they stay on top of the smart phone game.

Source by Walter Rand

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