iPhone 4 iPhone 4S features have been upgraded to IOS5

For thousands of consumers who bought the iPhone 4 and recently knew about the release of the new iPhone 4S, but could not buy the new phone because they were still committed to their existing contract, it was a good news.

Apple has recently released the new iOS5 software that would allow existing iPhone 4 users to upgrade their phone with more than 200 new features that will be standard on the new iPhone 4S.

These include the new iCloud service that synchronizes photos, music, contacts, apps, documents, and calendars with any other Apple device, such as user-owned iPad 2. which can be upgraded to 10, 20 or even 50 GB directly from the iPhone 4.

The new feature introduced with iOS5 is iMessage, which is very similar to the existing Blackberry Messenger service and allows users to share places, photos, and contacts for free and send free SMS-style text messages.

The update also includes an upgrade to an existing iPhone 4 camera that increases the speed of image capture with the two-button function of the main home button, even if the phone is locked to enter the security code.

Another new feature of this note is a photo editing program that is very similar to a mobile Photoshop that deals with cutting, rotating, and removing red-eye images, and the new iTunes Match is free to synchronize and store all user's music.

The process of updating iPhone 4 with new iOS5 software is quite simple, though not as simple as an Android update:

Open iTunes and click 'Search for updates' in the Menu to search for iTunes 10.5 [19659002] The user needs to plug in the iPhones that are trying to download iOS5

The "Downloaded and Updated" user simply has to follow the on-screen instructions.

Downloaded, set up an iCloud account, and enable on-site services.

Although the newest features of the newest iPhone 4S are not included in the update, such as the new "Siri" voice recognition software, the iPhone 4 users can now enjoy many new features on the new phone without investing in Apple's latest product .

Source by Susan Hargreaves

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