iPhone 3G Docking System – Synchronize iPhone 3G with your computer on the display!

As we all thought Apple could not do better, they started out and brought the iPhone 3G with increased internet speed and a new design to an already great product. Of course, it is very logical to produce a new dock suitable for the new iPhone model. Although the newer model is not much different from the style or function of the previous model, it is specifically designed for this new iPhone and is therefore much more suitable.

The dock is a new and updated docking model that is "out-line" allowing connecting loudspeakers, which means you can listen to music from speakers connected to the dock, which is compatible with the 8GB and with the 16GB models It obviously makes it clear that the dock can sync any file from your computer while loading your iPhone

The great thing about the new iPhone docking station and indeed all the docks for the Apple products is the convenience that it still has you can use it during iPhone sync and charging.The iPhone is easily accessible and displayed for you, and because it does not rub on any desktop while synchronizing from a standard cable, it provides more protection from scratches

This dock is a great accessory for iPhone 3G. After all, why spend all that money one of the best phones that you can buy money without having to use it in style?

Source by Chris Houghton

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