iPhone 3G – can I upgrade?

This week at the Apple Worldwide Developers conference (WWDC), Steve Jobs picked up hungry fans, developers, and fanboys from the anticipated and anticipated iPhone 3G.

While some have been the best mobile device on the market, they have also accepted downloading data over the 3G mobile network that is estimated to be 3 times faster than the EDGE network and 10 times faster than conventional GPRS there seems to be no feature that other mobile phones have since been manufactured by other manufacturers. However, the inclusion of assisted GPS did not show audiences to the device as some predicted.

It can be seen that Apple is a Zen-like step in the iPhone that simplifies design and application of the phone.

Sends an email and can send photos via email – why Multi Media Messaging should be?

Why blocking the iPhone with too many applications that do too much and cause general instability in the underlying operating system? It is very understandable that iPhone has developed external applications and games, but it makes sense to have some direction in developing and deploying applications. Keeping tabs on individual apps means that Apple will guarantee that the device will remain stable regardless of how many applications you install.

I'm sure all nay-sayers will be happy if the iPhone App Store starts in July 2008. Multimedia messaging, video capture, bluetooth file transfer, and Nokia Snake copy play. It's a matter of time.

Compared to the iPhone 3G, the price will be a big tipping point. In the UK, the iPhone 3G may have up to 99 euros in contract or even free of charge if the contract you are getting is worth it to resolve it. It is very far from the launch price of the device, which cost hundreds of pounds plus the monthly contract!

When the iPhone 3G appears and the application store is released at the same time, this iPhone will be the best and most flexible mobile phone. I suspect that most of the popular apps available to the device will be free and this will certainly make people more attractive to those who want to buy the device.

For us people who were early on the iPhone 1G model when it was first launched we stored it? What's the future with 3G, GPS and the slightly transformed body? My answer is this "everything". We still get the app store, we get the new 2.0 firmware that updates the iPhone with new features and allows the app store to work. We will not lose it at all. We have also won! If you want GPS, go to your TomTom or Garmin device. The iPhone 3G with built-in GPS does the job – but is it worth the upgrade fee and the cost of the TomTom iPhone application when it starts? I do not think so.

The fact that we retain it is an excellent mobile convergence tool with new firmware and new applications.

Is my advice? Without your money burning? Stay with 1G!

Source by Tao Schencks

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