IPhone 3G – 8 Gig

I recently made a change to the new iPhone 3g 8gig. Previously Palm Treo was Sprint. I have to say I have a huge impact on the iPhone. Sprint tried to talk to the company I'm working on to keep Sprint and get the new Blackberry. Sprint said that if you use your phone for business purposes, you need to acquire Blackberry. I could not understand it anymore. Here are some of the most important features you need to use your mobile phone.

first E-mail
2. Internet
3. Storage

The iPhone 3g dominates all of the above categories. You can add any email account to your phone and update it in real time if you receive a new email. The internet is much faster than the Sprint, so it's not arguable. And I'm a former client, so I know from my experience. And my last point is storage, which is not a competition. I have the smaller memory of my iPhone, which is a little more storage than any other Sprint phone, except the Instinct.

Anyone who cares about the stock market would be better off with the new iPhone. IPhone launches a "stock" icon, but I suggest the Bloomberg application, which is FREE! If you have not checked it, then you really should. The home page will showcase all the markets in the world together with the latest news and add the stocks you need to your portfolio.

Now all those who buy iPhones are interested in music. With 2 options you can hold about 2000 or 4000 songs. Many music applications can be added for free. Verizon boast their system where you can hold the phone to the radio and send a message about what the song is. The iPhone is a very good application call for Shazam, which is the same thing. I absolutely love the Pandora radio and keep listening to my laptop. Now you can do it on the iPhone. And thanks to the super-fast 3G network, Pandora downloads can be listened to without interruption. I have to say that this is my favorite application I have used so far.

There are a number of available apps for your iPhone, so I would urge the user to watch it. Even those who turn the phone toward the flashlight if they find themselves in the dark.

Now all about the new Apple iPhone 3G. I will add more, as I know more about the phone and what's in it.

Source by Joseph Agosta

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