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This article is the basic iPad review. Hopefully, it will be as objective as possible with Apple iPad. Here we will discuss its use as a mobile device, how it works for personal storage and entertainment and finally how it works as a unique business device. Hopefully by reading this iPad review you will get an insight into the potential power of Apple iPad.

Apple iPad is all in one entertainment device with a large 9.7 inch device that is large with some standards for pocket devices and is only half an inch thick, certainly mobile and lightweight. Within this iPad review, one of the key strengths you will see is that it is a very moving mobile tool. Apple iPad comes with either WiFi capabilities so you can browse the internet near any WiFi router, either at home or in the hotspot. Some iPad models come with 3G capabilities, which uses the mobile phone network, so you do not have to rely on searching for a WiFi hotspot. Apple iPad comes with the Safari browser, for smooth surfing through sites such as YouTube, Google Maps and most social networking websites.

Apple iPad also plays its role as a personal media company and watcher. Like iPod, you can store and listen to your favorite music and movies. As with iPod, you can browse iTunes and record the latest and latest versions. Also, the iPad doubles as an advanced e-book reader. The user is able to go to Amazon and download the latest best sellers on iPad with ease, similar to the Kindle Reader. IPad is now able to read the Kindle e-book.

Next, this iPad review covers the iPad as a business tool. IPad can run an application called iWork. This handles operations like word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. So if you travel a businessman but you need something less than a laptop, then the iPad can be a good tool for Palmtop. While the company's business on the iPad may not be sophisticated enough to replace a laptop entirely. In short, the iPad is a great portable personal entertainment gadget.

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