iPad games you will be downloading this week

Every month, many new and exciting games come into the store. Many of them are based on all new stories, but many are sequences of already infected versions. In the next article, we have compiled some of the exciting and recent games for iPad users.

Cut the rope: Time Travel

In this game, the player needs to return candy to Om Nom (two monsters) and his tribal by cutting the rods and solving various puzzles. To feed the monster, the player needs to organize a variety of moves, such as cutting the ropes and pushing buttons simultaneously. Traveling around six seasons, this game offers various levels of medieval times to the Stone Age, including Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt along the way to visit Om Nom. Each level adds new playback devices like bombs, time tapes, spikes, pendulums, pulls and spinning blades. This mechanism makes the game even more interesting.


The game is set in the mythological forest and houses various beings and plants. The player has to control flying creatures on his journey of discovery. Basically, it's right to left scrolling puzzle game with perpetual motion. Many obstacles (like branches, weeds, falling stones, blades, rotors, mines and clippers) close the player's way so he has to cross, between or under them or just avoid them. The game contains 40 points broken into 4 sections that occur throughout the day (dawn, afternoon, evening and night). Sometimes the player can not fly and he has to jump. Many power ups make my memory bigger, accelerate, slow down and spin. Each of these power ups comes into balance throughout the game. This game also comes with 16 multiplayer levels, allowing up to four players.


The player needs to control Knight, the hero of the game (default). Knight must fight against various enemies along the way. Each of these enemies has a unique attack pattern; However, the trend is to beat them all the same. While the player requires the player to collect coins and jewels for more points. You can use the coin to purchase weapons, armor and food to enhance health. Once dead, the hero (knight) will be buried with his phase placed on it. The player also gets famous points (in the game currency) where he can decorate the mausoleum or buy other heroes (or characters).

All of these games are available in the Apple App Store. You can download them now and start your entertainment and entertainment.

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