iPad for Kids: Buy iPad for My Child?

I recently heard some parents talk about the iPad. They saw a toddler who was about five years old and played on the iPad, and apparently the parent told them that the iPad had bought the baby. A father did not hide the fact that he thought it was crazy and that there was something wrong with the parent who bought a $ 500 computer for a child. I asked him if he had an iPad or did he use it. No. His opinion was based only on the cost of the device and the idea that it was only a popular trend. If you are neglecting costs for a moment and assuming your parent does not have an iPad, is there a real reason why a child should buy an iPad?

iPad for Younger Ages

But last year, a number of studies appeared that appear to support the idea of ​​the iPad not only as a bright game to capture children but as a potentially invaluable tool for development. A study by PBS at the end of 2010 found that applications such as the iPad and iPhone could actually make kids more intelligent. Children are more involved and are more interested in learning if they use an educational app on the iPad. More and more school systems in the country are not only in high school or high school, but also in kindergartens. Children with learning disabilities or developmental disabilities, such as autism, make the most use of the iPad as well.

Children have long been known to be visibly learning and the educational gaming market has been trying to incorporate them into the game in many ways over the years. With the iPad, developers can create an interactive game that kids can play with while learning things as ABCs as science for foreign languages. Apple has a stunning list of educational applications in the iTunes Store.

Increased Teens for Teens

For higher grades, the benefits are much more obvious: why surround six difficult books when some apps provide all the information on the iPad and much more about video and interactive content. The Chicago School of Public Education has launched a program this year that offers more than 20 schools with 32 iPads. A number of high school grades are developed toughener curricula to increase test scores, while students are starting to go to secondary school in a much younger age. For work participants in international maturity or other outlook programs, workload is even more challenging. And it was before a high school. Gymnasium, workload and the development of the study seem to lead to a question: how can the student have all the information he needs to succeed in school, in a form that is easy to understand and expanded in a lightweight packet weight?

Costs One Factor

At the beginning of this article I asked to put the question of cost up to the point but cost is definitely a factor. The iPad is not accessible to everyone. Even if the child's school supplies iPad, most do not allow the child to go home, and not all of them use the iPad all day, only in certain classes. So if you decide to buy an iPad for your child, ask these questions for the first time:

  • Do I buy an iPad for myself and occasionally use my child, or primarily for the child?
  • What would I pay for a full computer for tween / teen?
  • Is there enough app for my child (disability, interest, learning needs, etc.)
  • Is my child's iPad iPad program or is it planned?

Of course you can only decide if the price is worth paying. I always suggest checking Apple's online store for refurbished bids that can reduce costs from $ 70 to $ 100 at anytime. Often check the refurbished part as the models and prices available are constantly changing. After releasing a new version of iPad, the cost of the previous model is likely to fall further.

Keep in mind that iPad is a platform that grows every day – the number of relevant and useful applications increased between writing and reading this article. Over the years, as opposed to other products, flexibility, with the growth of your child, offers new applications that are completely different from things like other ways of learning – sometimes accurately to your child's needs.

Source by Craig J Burns

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