iPad 3: Free newspaper article, iBooks and reading apps for budding entrepreneurs

After a new iPad purchase, it is necessary to load the best apps from Apple App Store. The only problem is that good content is usually not free. You may be tired of downloading seemingly free stuff for hours just to realize that only the interface is free, the content itself is not!

If you're looking for games or apps, there's usually a free version, but unfortunately when you read a table of contents or articles from abandoned authors and journalists, it's difficult. After browsing the free magazine magazines, iBooks books and reading apps that I could find have found quality content at the workplace.

Content may be free, people should only find the right model. It's been over 10 years and most web users usually get free content. From online portals to niche sites, we have seen over and over again that there are free information rules. People do not want to pay money if other alternatives are available.

On Google and Facebook as a model, Google must leave the interface and content free on the path. Data collected from users where money is to be made. True, you can go to the subscription route, but if you want the volume as the free rules. Ad where the money is for the giants. And advertising, where money can be found for a small business. If the goal is to sell the book, then maybe not, but if the goal is to create a speech, then free publishing is a good advertisement.

Through the Apple App Store and books, magazines, and more. Searching for quality content and still free is not easy, but you can do it just patiently. Below is a list of free iPad3 magazine magazines, iBooks books and app reading (if you can find more, plz do share)

  1. 200 set-up tips – Ilya Kaganovich's free eBook
  2. Entrepreneur Magazine – The worldclass Entrepreneur's Website
  3. Entrepreneurial Beginnings – A Complete Magazine for Entrepreneurs
  4. Inc.
  5. Slide – Slick App to browse the latest news
  6. Getting Started Best Practices – Another Book for Beginning Businesses
  7. The Week Magazine
  8. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill's Favorite Selling Book
  9. Zite – Earth-Breaking Application Learning Your Readership [19659017]

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