IOS and Android – Comparison of Income

Coming into the ecosystem of the mobile phone, two leading platforms have always been competitive towards each other in terms of download and revenue apps. Since the past quarters, download and revenue of app software have shown similar patterns. Google Play was ahead of iOS in terms of downloads, while the latter reached a significant but declining lead over Google Play in the revenue segment. However, the 1st quarter of 2015 witnessed that iOS gained significant leadership over Google Play for revenue, and Google Play preferred in the download section.

According to recent reports from App Annie, global download in Q1 2015 for Google Play was almost 70% higher than the iOS App Store, which was again rising from 60% in the third quarter of 2014. Newly developed in developing countries – Mexico, Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia, played the role in the background of Google Play. The Android ecosystem was very good for the first time the smartphone buyer figures in these markets are gaining huge growth.

On the contrary, Apple's software store saw significant revenue globally in the first quarter of this year. The 1st quarter of 2015 shows that IOS App Store revenue is about 70% higher on Google Play, but it also increased by about 60% in the third quarter of 2014. Given the sharp upswing in two core markets, the US and China, Apple Revenue has been able to learn glorious figures.

On the other hand, global revenue in the IOS App Store for Q1 2015 was 70% higher than Google Play, from around 60% in Q3 2014. Revenue from IOS has been clearly supported by two of China's main Apple markets and the United States. Indeed, iOS performance measures performance such as ensuring no safer markets. Here it is mentioned that Worldwide App Store revenue in Q2 2015 has been 70% higher than Google Play.

Make a heart for analytics software mobile apps, there are certain items that analyze both stores and their shows from each other.

This is probably because Apple owners own a higher income category and are always willing to invest more money in the apps compared to the usual Android user, Apple has managed to generate handsome revenue for IOS Development Companies based on their Android counterparts. Record-up test sales of the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the United States, combined with China's sales sales figures and the big five & # 39; (Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain) markets are true audits of iOS's powerful market share.

Android also has its own set of expensive handsets, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the truth is that the majority of Android users spend on smartphones costing between $ 100 and $ 300. Again, most Android users lack worldwide credit / debit cards and the network is often inaccessible.

It is also important to note that the lack of direct sales revenue has demanded an increase in more and more ad-supported applications on the Android platform. Market information draws attention to the idea that Android can not drive more money through direct sales and / or purchase applications, can encourage many software application developers to opt for ads supported without trying to get options for their Android apps. This is where iOS gets a distinct advantage, runs more revenue through direct purchase and other subsequent purchases of applications from the successful user group.

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