Introduction to the dance

Dance dancing is generally seen as art because there are certain moves or foot movements that need to be followed and followed when dancing to a particular type of music. Grace and skill are indispensable for professional dancers in performances. Though not everyone is gifted with elegance who needs to be a talented dancer, it is important to learn the basics of dancing, as you never know when Terpsichorean competence is needed. Many people enjoy dancing as one hard day's work on releasing one of the tension. There are some people who are trying to find another mile in a new dance floor to keep up to date with the latest dance strokes. Fortunately for those who want to learn, there are dance schools that offer formal and short courses in dance. Every day we find new dancing and choreography, dance development continues.

Dance is a kind of exercise that can burn unwanted fat. Many physical exercises are nowadays part of their physical activity. The underlying cause of such an installation is that the dance uses almost all parts of the body, resulting in healthy circulation in the body. By combining dance and everyday practice, you can enjoy yourself while keeping your body fit and fit.

Dance music repeats the musical compositions associated with performing the dance. Music is one of the most important parts of dance, movement of dancers, and steps appropriate to the rhythm or tempo of the musical arrangement. Perfect harmony can be achieved when the dancer moves perfectly in sync with the music you want to play.

Dance music is usually a dance to which the name was given. Currently, the following dances – bolero, kancan, cha-cha, fox trout, jitterbug, mambo, meringue, minuet, polka, tango, salsa, swing, waltz, folk songs , rock and roll, modern dance, among others. Apart from the dancer's accompanying music, all dances can boast that the steps and moves of a particular trademark symbolize the dance. So just looking at your feet and hand gestures can easily determine what type of dance you are doing.

Costumes are also important parts of dance, especially when someone is dancing professionally or when someone is in competition. Please wear the right clothes because you would dance while avoiding the accident. For example, if you were a female dancer, you do not want tango or swing dancing on the river's dress. Keep in mind that although the dress or costume emphasizes your dance, it is best to create something comfortable and fit. Shoes are another aspect when dancing. Use appropriate shoes that ideally fit your feet and do not obstruct your movements.

Dance is the expression of expression of individuality. You can try many dance forms with your heart's content.

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