Introduction to Samsung Omnia 7

The new Omnia 7 is the first handset from Samsung's ideological manufacturer to sport the brand new Windows 7 operating system. It's important to push YouTube to compete like Android and iOS. The great screen on the handset is tailored to display the colorful interface that a new operating system offers.

However, it's gorgeous look in one moment, the really moving factor in the Windows 7 operating system is its general use. The home screen combines a series of tiles. These tiles behave in two ways: either they are fixed shortcuts to your favorite information, such as contacts and applications, or they are hubs like people or gaming. The winning feature of the center is that they are constantly updated, for example, the people center will constantly change the image of your friends. Tiles are placed vertically on the screen and you can add new additions from the menu. The refreshing thing about this setup is how it differs in appearance from Android and Apple systems that have characterized the market for some time now. Synchronization of sites like Facebook will please social networking sites, with status updates once again being updated directly to your home screen through the People Tile. A 1GHZ processors take care of everything the handset can throw on it, it's good to load applications and view websites and generally provide fast-use phone usage. A large battery 1500mAh battery comes with the handset. This offers up to 330 hours of 3G standby time and up to 6 hours 10 minutes talk time.

Samsung Omnia 7 dimensions are 122.4 x 64.2 x 11 mm, slightly larger than competitors, but also with high-quality 4 "screens, larger than many rivals, or equally capable of displaying complex websites. 480 x 800 pixels resolution offers a traditional variety that is a bit better on the Apple Earth's "Retina" screen. Colors. And AMOLED offers a variety of benefits to the customer, both neat and specially known. In addition to adding depth to the colors and also the readability of sunlight due to the blister pack is thin, helps the handset reach a very pockatable thickness that takes the edge at a slightly denser height and width measurements. Elerometer chip, turn the screen into glorious wide screen, perfect for video or even a combination of text messages.

Samsung Omnia 7 utilizes the success of the Galaxy S by offering an elegant phone with an elegant display, only once supported imp resive new windows 7 operating system.

Source by Emma Rosher

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