Introducing the new iPhone 4S

After a year of loneliness, Apple iPhone 4s will finally hit the deal without updating their Apple iPhone. You have to think why iPhone 4 is still there; why not the iPhone 5, but have you ever heard of the quote, "never criticize the book on its cover?" Well, here you can apply; Although the physical appearance of the two phones looks the same and both are the iPhone 4, one for S and one S, the features offered and the new iPhone specification show significant differences. The iPhone 4S release goes by iOS 5. IOS 5 is the new operating system that shows tremendous improvement, such as how iPhone connects to your computer, and even improves notifications. It also has new features such as iCloud integration and Siri, a built-in voice application that is like your own personal assistant.

First, with Siri's new brilliant innovation from Apple, you can now easily use your voice to use the iPhone. As a real personal assistant, Siri can answer his questions and command. Siri can make phone calls, send messages, schedule appointments, reminders, and more. All you have to do is hold the home button and ask Siri for something. Just talk to Siri as if you were talking to a real man, "Do I need an umbrella?" or "Where is the nearest ATM?" Siri not only understand what you say but know what it means. Siri integrates with all iPhone 4s to find the right apps to find the right answers.

Second, another spectacular innovation from Apple's update is the iCloud invention. ICloud helps you synchronize photos, music, and settings across all Apple devices; helps you organize things. Basically, iCloud's job is to keep the runtime of created content, or any app and music purchased from iTunes. Rather, iCloud stores your content to "cloud" and sends it back to Apple devices.

In a nutshell, many other improvements have been made by Apple in updating. Here is a list of new streaming updates, Siri, dual-core A5 chip, 8-megapixel camera, 1080p HD video, iOS 5 and iCloud changes. There is no doubt that this is the biggest update on iOS we've ever seen.

Source by A Zulkarnain Rusydi

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