Intex IN3030 – entry-level phone with dust and water resistance

The Intex IN series continues to dominate the entry-level segment with exciting features such as Powder and water resistance, which stands out in the crowd. The touch and convenience of the Intex IN3030 is very comfortable. The keyboard is easy to use. There is no connector / port at the bottom of the phone.

On the back of the device there is a physical lock that holds the back cover to the phone. A bit above the lock, the grill is better for the loudspeaker. Battery lock is sometimes uncomfortable for opening and closing, as both the SIM card and the memory card remain underneath (preventing moisture loss).

The D pad and other soft keys are nicely positioned. The D-pad controls almost every application, including FM and music player. The FM radio volume control is located on the * and # keys.

Writing messages and dialing numbers on the Intex IN3030 is a convenient task. The phone's body is strong and greasy when held in your hands for a long time. The music quality of the phone is fair. The FM receiver works perfectly, but it has been pointed out earlier, it is time to change the control settings. The microphone is located in the lower part so that the users have to keep the phone in order for their voice to feel good.

Overall, the product provides decent performance with dust and water resistance. Even one drop can not get into his tightly built body. The battery of the phone lasts up to 3.5 hours, as the company cites.

Source by Aniket Kambale

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