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As you can see, I tried to use all kinds of technology to get my business up and running, thinking that if I should just the best computer or technology, then I would succeed.

The fact is that I had no technical knowledge and I couldn't really knock because I would use three fingers on one hand and two fingers on the other.

Well, I have to admit that I've never really learned to write and I still use the same fingers.

It is more interesting that there is a general bottle of Costco and antacids right if you see it.

And I want to tell you a little more about this little antacid bottle and cheap garage storage in a minute.

This offer is expiring. When the timer on this page is zero. So, by saying, here's what you get for free. The first thing I'm going to give you is now my famous digital cash course.

I know you want it and you can get it here for free, while supplies last. Here's why you should want it, no matter how much it cost. In 2015, I decided to go to Cancun, Mexico at a Clickbank meeting. If you don't know who Clickbank is, they are the number one digital product market in the world.

They knew I had built, one of the largest food companies to live in America, its name, Survival Cave Food. If you search my brand on Google, you get millions of results. I just searched here and as you can see I drew 29,100,000 results, and here's the cool thing we are in the first place and if you're looking at number two, then Amazon would be down there because they're pretty good at this stuff.

Now I also did another search on the Walmart website because Walmart is actually selling our brand right now. And as you can see, there are tons of our products on the Walmart website.

Let's go back to the conversation I had with the Clickbank people, they were now going to sell physical products on their web, but that was a huge problem.

There were no courses on their site that taught people how to sell physical products so they asked me to design a course to do just that. They were formed since I have been selling millions of dollars when selling physical products. They figured I would be the best choice to create a course to help others learn how I made millions selling products so they could do the same.

It took me a year and a half to prepare the course, but it was finally done. It was a course that everyone could use and succeed, even if they had no technical experience whatsoever.

Actually, even though they had failed in the past, it didn't work out. That's when the digital cash academy was born.

When I finished the course, they wanted to promote my course by making a training network that would sell my course on their list. I was immediately in a great deal of trouble.

It didn't matter, I had never done a webinar before, never sold a course before, and never been paid to train anyone how to make money online.

I was nervous, really nervous. What if people didn't like my training on the web? What if they didn't buy my course at the end of training and I would look like a fool and their list with think I wasted their time.

Nothing could be worse than that. Then on Tuesday evening at 18 midnight of July. I made my first webinar to sell my course. It was about an hour long and it taught listeners the basics of selling online, it showed them how they could start an online store without any money for any kind of inventory, they could start selling the next day, with no previous experience in the end

I invited them to my course, the Digital Cash Academy, after the training session, I kept calling to answer any questions they might have.

As a matter of fact, Digital Cash Academy was one of Clickbank's greatest achievements that year. The reason this was so successful was because each one could do what I did just by following the step by step instructions.

You can see here in one in which we all have the beginning videos unit two will be a little further got two to three years, four, five, we get in magnitude and victories, and then six we will get into your ads, we're going to go into some of the intricacies we're going to get into outsourcing.

Probably products, all kinds of stuff here that you are going online, you have bonus credits here and then weekly coaching calls that we actually gave these people as well.

Now, finally, there was an organization for people who wanted to sell online and did not know how to do it, anyone can use the digital cash academy and succeed. So you can do it.

It doesn't matter if you failed in the past because it is different. It does not depend on your technical skills, it does not depend on your business experience.

It's basically a summary of how I built my business and I let you follow the simple steps I did. Now, let me remind you, I had no prior experience either, but I was lucky and successful after many mistakes and I came across some things that actually worked, and in the Digital Cash Academy I simply share them with you, so you can succeeded.

Now keep in mind when I first started online business I was a single dad and raised my two children. Here's a picture of us who is my son to the right where Patrick is, and there is Nicole on the left.

And they're great guys, but I didn't have much time because I was a single dad 100% of the time, seven days a week. I had no technical experience, I had never sold anything online and I was working six to seven days a week while raising two kids.

And I could only spend about 20 to 30 minutes a day in my online store, so it had to be something that didn't take much time. I had no list or follow-up for that reason.

Best to say, I was an older guy who didn't even grow up with wireless home phones, let alone smartphones. I was at a technical time and a financial disadvantage.

So, I do not know your circumstances, but you will be surprised what you can do with very little money and money, but only if you have the right process and the right methods. It just makes sense, right? Keep in mind that they have already worked for me.

The only thing I can show you is that there are things that have already made me money. Lots of money.

Now I want to give you something else for free, something that was never really meant to be sold to anyone. These are my private recordings VIP personal training, I did with real companies.

I taught the secrets of my online marketing to plumbers and dentists and consultants, writers and many more companies.

They all had different businesses, but they all wanted to sell what they had to offer online and get real results, really fast. And now you can also access all of these personal trainers for free.

Okay, let's look inside, I've broken down into units that you can see me in the classroom here to train all these business owners. The module discusses the mistakes and successes of setting up an office that you got here in choosing the perfect products by purchasing from your website design website.

I even end up in email marketing, sales barrels, how to use Facebook and YouTube, Facebook live broadcasts here eBay and Amazon are pretty cool stuff and additional training here.

When you walk in the inner circle of JR Fisher. That's all you need to do to access these. But that's not all. In addition to digital cash academy and web cash academy. I want to give you another of my proven courses.

This is one of my most popular tutorials on how to start your own Shopify store with zero money investing in inventory. This means you can offer hundreds or even thousands of products for sale without ever having to invest one penny of your own money.

Let's take a look at this easy-to-follow course that will get you immediate results. This is conveniently set up in modules, you are welcome here for the first few lessons, everything about Shopify gives you all the steps you need to do here.

Your Facebook destiny here, the dynamics of fallout. I even go into customer service here and I'll show you some of the main applications you can use and some additional training here.

Now you might be thinking at this point that this sounds good. And you want to enter. But now I'm going to blow my mind.

What if you could have all the customers you ever wanted. What if these customers exactly match your products and your niche. Not only were they interested, they had the money to buy today.

It was like cash on demand. That would be a beautiful thing. Right. Well, I have great news for you. You can have all the qualified motivated customers you want to live together and wait to throw cash at you, how simple it is.

I have to be honest with you. When I tried Facebook advertising, I failed in large part. I almost never got a profitable return on advertising. And then, some ads that I made for a few sales and started to look good, they would quickly die out and stop working as I increased my ads, I was very frustrated.

Maybe you can relate to this. Maybe you've been too scared to lose money and just haven't run ads, or maybe run ads and lost money. Well anyone, I've got some good news for you.

The fact is that there is a way to succeed with Facebook advertising, and I mean in a big way. I have ads that appear on Facebook when this recording is generating 379% of ad spend, which is awesome, right.

Then I know in advance whether the ads work long before I spend any money on advertising business. Pretty cool right? Okay, so I've used the covert process along with some other covert methods to succeed again and again.

No matter what the product is, no matter what niche, whether the product's advertising has really failed in the past. They worked for me and cured me because of these secret discoveries, then the word came out of it, y, aqds worked so well and people started to see my incredible results and asked me questions.

They wanted to know what my secret was to successful advertising. So I started sharing the secret technology with some of my clients and guessing what they were getting the same profitable results.

Because of completely different methods I used. I knew I was on something, something very big, as more and more people started to hear about my tremendous success with Facebook advertising, they realize that Facebook advertising has become like a money machine for me.

I knew it was time to share what I discovered, with more and more people. I took everything I learned about Facebook advertising and secret processes and put them into a simple and easy to follow course called Facebook Advertising University.

Now, I admit, I'm proud to share that this special training actually comes with four different software programs. It comes with the viewer analytics tool that helps you find your audience in seconds.

It comes with fan page sections so you can view your competition and see exactly what they are doing. It comes with a spy spy campaign. So you will even know which ads your competitors are running and can mimic those results. And it comes with ad designer tools.

So you don't have to invest in any kind of graphical software and you could actually build your ads in the software and upload them to Facebook, of course my has been called one of the most advanced and comprehensive Facebook advertising courses available.

Different types of ads, the big guy hacks and even has all these ideas here I did, as well as the bonus part, and the result of course, the bonus software I just showed you.

Okay here. Now remember this desk. Remember this desk with all this stuff and me trying to buy myself some technology and all that and this little bottle down there, the little bottle that actually helped me with acid problems, it was all because before I discovered these things I was stressed before I calculated this internet business and before I figured out how to make money online.

I was totally stressed out. I mean, it seemed like everything was going wrong. As you might have guessed, I always worried before discovering all of these methods.

I was worried about credit card payments, I was worried about spending enough time with my kids. I'm worried about my car payments, electric bills. Gaspeningum.

Oh you know, can't travel. Heck, I really didn't enjoy life. The truth is that I was just getting through life. So now, you are probably wondering why I am giving away this valuable training.

I mean free, makes no sense. I'll tell you in a second, but before I do, I'll give you two more things for free. What I noticed about people who were trained through courses is, well, it usually needed more help, they would have questions or need quick answers, if they got stuck they would be discouraged and just give up if it wasn't There is no one there.

So I also want to help you in two additional forms. When you join my inner circle, you will only be able to access my private inner circle Facebook group. Here is the group itself.

I want to make sure that you have direct access to me on a regular basis so I go live every two weeks. Here I am making one of the calls there, not one of the best pictures I've taken.

You can even join me on screen and these calls, so that we can talk live, you will get my opinion and others when I call. What if you can't be on the calls when I make them, I mean, not everyone can make them when I'm making them, live right because there are people all over the world.

Why would you give me all this. Well, this is a blatant bribe. I'm going to be honest with you, a 100% blatant bribe to try out my new training program called JR Fisher's Inner Circle, which I named you.

You're going to get live video conferencing, where you can have your site viewed on these live video conferences which are pretty cool. You can get help with your offer, you can optimize your copy, you can improve your sales process, everything you need. we do it together, live right every other week, so you can be on top of this stuff in all the exercises, you get to look over my shoulder as I teach you step by step.

Look, I stay on top of this stuff because I do it every single day. I am constantly showing you what is working and how I am earning extra income and where the best traffic sources are working with me is like getting a report up to the minute in the front line, all the time.

exercises, you will look over my shoulder as I test new offers, create new campaigns, write new ads and sales magazines and grow money. I'll show you how to quickly shape what I do in your business.

The only way to get this information would be if you work in my office, I think, shoulder to shoulder with me every day. So you're probably wondering the cost.

That's it. There is no agreement and you can cancel at any time. Plus, you get the benefits of the training if you cancel and never have to pay retail prices. In fact, you got all the training for free.

When you join my inner circle, I want you to think this is the best investment I have made in my business so you will get all this. I just want to remind you, you are going to my training, you are getting the digital cash academy, you are getting the cache academy, you are getting the ecom way you are going to get the Facebook advertising college, you are getting the private The Facebook group, and you'll get it all for free.

This is your option. Become a member of my inner circle. You won't regret it. And as you know, and of course you are not locked into any kind of agreement, you can terminate at any time. And if you decide to do it. You already have the knowledge that you have access to.

So I don't think you can beat this with a stick, keep going and become a member and I look forward to seeing you in live video conferences, thank you so much for watching this video and I hope you have a great day.

Please do not interpret my results as any claims that you will succeed. I have spent many years doing this and have achieved many successes but have also experienced many failures. The average person who buys any kind of job development course rarely achieves success due to many factors. To succeed online requires a lot of effort and determination. All companies involve risks like this.

Here's what you get for free

Gift no. 1: Web Cash Academy

Watch Live Business Coaching

You will get the inside as you watch real business learn proven business techniques to make money online.

Learn step-by-step Internet marketing techniques in my monthly webinar seminars.

Look at real business owners get answers to all their online marketing questions and learn how to use these strategies to build your business,

Here's what you'll learn from this groundbreaking training

get to watch when I teach and the official secrets to online sales. Follow along as we review the methods that have made me millions using the often free business secrets that show you how to succeed without making expensive mistakes.

Follow along when you get information that has made me millions and see how other companies are using this life-changing technology.

Inside this classroom in the classroom, you will experience steps that take you step-by-step through the methods to start running and growing your business online without all the hassle of wasting time. This training is invaluable and opens to the eyes as it shows you everything you need to be a successful online marketer.

Having trouble finding a profitable product to sell? I'll show you step by step how to find the products that are cost effective and in high demand. You will learn how to find endless supply of high transformed products that deliver sales for years to come.

Create Websites That Get Sales Without Technical Knowledge

In this informative training, I will show you the process to make it easy to create stunning sales to produce websites without technical knowledge. You will never be lost again when it comes to designing a site that creates sales and keeps customers coming back.

Get Auto Repeat Sales

The real trick in online sales is selling more to people who are already buying from you. In this training, I will show you how to build an automatic salt bar that can increase the value of your customers and give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

The techniques taught in this training are known to some secrets that only the major marketers in the world know about. You will gain insight into all of these close secrets in one concise course that allows you to follow in easy-to-understand formats.

See Real Business Owners Get Private Training

Taking Private Classes and the Most Valid Inside My Classroom Classes where I share the secrets of growing online business and you will see real business owners as they learn little-known business growth.

You will have access to these exercises indoors that few have ever seen. People pay thousands of dollars to access this high level of information and you can get it FREE.

You receive it FREE today with your access to

J.R. Fishers Inner Circle

8 Comprehensive Units - Step by Step Guide

Follow simple and well-organized actions as they guide you through the simple and informative process.

Bonus Goals Guide and Fill in a Blank Form to Achieve All Your Goals

We all know it's hard to be on the right track if you don't have a guide. With this simple goal setting you will never have to worry if you are on the right track with setting and achieving your goals. Your goals will always be organized and you will see your timeline as you continue in the build-up process.

The exclusive membership of the now famous EcomRoad community

It is always easier to achieve your goals when you have a community to trust. With the Ecomroad member community, you will always have other members to ask questions and get answers.

I've found that there are basically 3 key things you need to be really good at to become a successful business owner

If you've done these three things then you will be a successful business operator [19659002] OK, Sure, but here's the pretty obvious problem

Yeah, that's all you have to do, but if it was that easy, everyone would be a millionaire, right?

Where do people go wrong with this "simple" process?

First, you must remember that most people have no idea where they can find "high demand" products and as you might expect without that crucial first step to success, well the rest just doesn't matter.

Other people will be terribly discarded when it comes to "technical" stuff and building a Shopify store without one instruction can be more than most can afford.

It just comes down to this .... most people just want step by step to get the money that comes immediately,

If you have that pad of real hard cash, you can work on the more complex things.

This is exactly what we focus on in Ecomroad.

You will learn the simple steps and you can actually watch me put them on display so you can just watch and get stuff done quickly and get money to come in.

Since you and I both know that cash is king, I will spend the beginning of the course to show you exactly what you need to do to make money. How do I know I can do this? Well simply put, I've already done it.

For the past ten years, I have earned millions of dollars selling real-world products online and have learned the tricks and secrets that most courses never cover.

You see if you really want to learn how to succeed in an online store, you need to learn from someone who has already done what you want to do.

I feel blessed to have gained this experience and love to share with as many people as possible.

19659002] Gift no. 3: Digital Cash Academy

You get it FREE today with access to

JR Fishers Inner Circle - Full Access

Learn how multimillion-dollar operators set up their stores to achieve great results.

Get "over my shoulder" a view of exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. You will never be lost when you follow my simple plan.

Want to know how the big kids get great returns with little effort and automate the whole process? You get behind the scenes to see how I grew a small million dollar website a year in sales.

You will have instant access to our business software that will help you complete your task for 10% of the time. This saves you time and money.

I remember how it started ...

I was in Cancun Mexico with a group of major online marketers in the world and one of them asked me about my business. He knew that I had started a food business to survive in 2009, which had become a nationally recognized brand.

He also knew I had grown it from nothing to a million-dollar brand that was sold on thousands of websites, including Walmart. He told me that there were lots of people who would like to know how I grew this brand and then got other sites to sell my products on their websites.

Next year, I worked day and night to put together one of the Most Comprehensive and Most Comprehensive Online Store courses available anywhere.

Digital Cash Academy was born ...

12 months after I started the online store course, I announced that Digital Cash Academy would be launched. This was a huge success. People stood in line and learned the secrets behind the scenes I used to build a course that showed the average man how to sell millions of dollars of products online with zero experience.

This course is easy to understand because it was written by me (a non-technical person). I put everything into very easy to understand terms that the average person can watch and start immediately to achieve incredible results.

Want to earn more, work less, and automate the overall process?

Most people do not succeed in online business because they do not know how to automate - this will not happen to you with this unique system.

I found out early on that most people simply worked too much. They did not have a system in place to automate the entire process. In this revealing tutorial, I'll show you how:

It's been called "Mac Daddy" on online store courses .... LOL

I got a lot of praise for this course but when one guy said it was MAC DADDY, he caught my attention.

He said he had tried everything that was out there, but never got any grip until he bought this course. He said it was easy to follow up, he immediately healed and he really did my job. Hann sagðist líða eins og fortjaldið væri loksins flett aftur til baka svo hann gæti séð raunverulegu tæknina sem fengu ótrúlegan árangur.

Staðreyndin er sú að id skiptir ekki máli hvort þú mistókst áður - þetta efni virkar.

Af hverju er þetta auðvitað svo mismunandi?

Einfaldlega sagt að þetta er ekki kenninganámskeið, það er byggt á árangri mínum við að selja alvöru vörur á netinu í mörg ár. Er það ekki skynsamlegt að afrita bara það sem farsæll netverslun hefur þegar gert? Auðvitað gerir það og allir heilbrigðir einstaklingar myndu segja þér að þetta er leiðin til að læra.

Gjöf # 4: Facebook Ads University

Þú munt fá það ÓKEYPIS í dag með aðgangi þínum að

J.R. Innri hring Fishers - Fullur aðgangur

Upphaf námskeiðsins gerir afganginn af námskeiðinu svo auðveldan. Það mun leiða þig í gegnum nákvæm skref sem þú þarft til að skipuleggja þig og geta stækkað auglýsingar þínar og sprungið sölu þína.

Skýringar á einfaldan hátt

Aldrei hafa áhyggjur af því að ruglast aftur. Facebook Auglýsingaháskólinn er hannaður fyrir byrjendur, byrjendur og kostir. Það tekur þig í gegnum hvert stig svo þú öðlist þekkingu til að verða sérfróður auglýsandi með lágmarks fyrirhöfn.

Þú munt fá 4 bónus hugbúnað

Hér er ástæða þess að þú þarft þetta ...

Ég man þegar ég fékk byrjaði með Facebook auglýsingar. Það var geðveikt ... Ég var svo ruglaður og ég tapaði svo miklum peningum af því að ég skildi ekki hvernig auglýsingarnar virkuðu og ég hélt áfram að gera allt vitlaust. Það tók mig mörg ár að átta mig á ferlum, áætlunum og verklagsreglum sem fylgja með þessu heilli námskeiði.

Ég hef fengið bakið á þér og þú munt aldrei verða einn ... 😀

Ekkert er meira svekkjandi en að fá að marki þar sem þú festist. Þetta getur gerst af mörgum ástæðum, þar með talið tæknilegum erfiðleikum, skilningsleysi, ekki að vita hvaða skref koma næst og margt fleira.

Þetta mun ALDREI gerast hjá þér, því ég hef fengið bakið á þér.

Fyrri mistök Ekki Mál

Ég veit að þú gætir hugsað að þú hafir þegar prófað Facebook auglýsingar og þær hafi ekki gengið fyrir þig. Þú gætir jafnvel misst tonn af peningum með „0“ niðurstöðum.

Ekki hafa áhyggjur, jafnvel þó að þú hafir lent í mistökum eins og engum smelli, lélegum viðskiptum, engum sölu, auglýsingum sem voru ósamþykktar og lokað fyrir reikninginn þinn , að geta ekki aukið auglýsinganotkun þína án þess að sala hafi fallið eða mörg önnur mál ... þetta námskeið er fyrir þig.

Þetta er loksins svarið sem þú hefur verið að leita að til að ná raunverulegum árangri, hratt. Þú munt elska einfaldleikann og raunverulegan árangur sem þú færð af þessu námskeiði;

En það er allt, ég ætla líka að henda inn öllum þessum ofur flottu sjálfvirku hugbúnaði sem tryggja fljótlegan og auðveldan árangur.

Innifalið í Facebook Auglýsingaháskólanum færðu öll þessi hugbúnaður líka ...

Hefur þú einhvern tíma viljað njósna um samkeppnisaðila þína sem best gerðu auglýsingaherferðir?

Nú geturðu fengið augnablik árangur af auglýsingunum þínum vegna þess að þú ert Ég mun hafa þennan ótrúlega hugbúnað sem sekta og afhjúpa allar helstu auglýsingar sem samkeppnisaðilar eru að birta. Þú munt sjá í rauntíma bestu auglýsingar þeirra sem gera þér kleift að gera svipaðar auglýsingar og fá niðurstöður hratt án þess að þurfa að eyða tíma og þúsundum dollara í að prófa hugmyndir þínar. Athugaðu bara helstu auglýsingarnar þeirra og þú getur gert svipaðar auglýsingar fyrir fyrirtækið þitt.

Viltu ekki að þú hefðir aðdáendasíðu sem öllum líkaði?

Svarið við að hafa frábærar aðdáendasíður er að móta þær sem hefur þegar gengið gríðarlega vel. Með þessum ókeypis hugbúnaði sem er samþættur með Facebook í rauntíma getur þú nú leitað að sess þinni og fundið allar bestu aðdáendasíðurnar. Þegar þú hefur fundið þau er einfalt að nota tegundir þeirra færslna og samspil til að byggja upp áhorfendur frábærlega hratt. Með njósnara tólinu fyrir aðdáendasíðuna muntu hafa ósanngjarnt forskot á alla keppinauta þína.

Engin þörf á að kaupa dýrt grafíkhugbúnað

Enginn vill halda áfram að sprengja út meira og meira fé til að bæta við hugbúnaði, EN leið til að búa til töfrandi auglýsingu FAST. Námsferillinn fyrir flestan grafíkhugbúnað sem er til staðar er frábær langur og hver hefur tíma til þess. Í þessari aðild kasta ég líka inn Facebook skapara okkar. Án nokkurrar reynslu verður þú að búa til fallegar fullkomlega hannaðar auglýsingar. Þessi hugbúnaður hefur meira að segja öll sniðmát sem þörf er á og bútalist sem mun veita þér öll þau tæki sem þú þarft á einfaldan og auðveldan hátt að fylgja sniði.

Image Having Thausands Of Audience Clamoring

Ein stærsta hindrunin sem auglýsendur standa frammi fyrir er hæfileikinn til að finna rétta markhópinn sem miða á auglýsingar sínar á. Þetta mun aldrei verða vandamál aftur með sköpunartæki áhorfenda. You'll instantly be able to type in a few key words to find thousands of people who want your products. And get this....these audiences will contain MILLIONS of motivated buyers. All of this can be done instantly saving you hours of time

We Select A Few Stores, Review Your Progress, And Help You Increase Your ROI And Scale - Hands On

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions With Me Personally, A Bona-fide 8 Figure Business Owner

Get The Latest Strategies And Tweaks That Are Working Right Now For Me And My Clients

Listen To What The Experts Say

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Sarah Chrisp - Youtube Influencer & Ecommerce Expert

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