Interesting agency for HTC Sensation

The modern smartphone gives the user many great features, just like call, text and email. A mobile device like HTC Sensation is almost a mobile computer that fits into our hands and pocket. This device can offer powerful 1.2 GHz dual core CPU and 768 MB of RAM along with 1GB of internal memory. HTC also offers a variety of accessories, whether you need a case, a screen saver or even a microSD card to keep you organized better, you'll have a small problem finding it. One of the main roles of today's smartphone is to help us be organized without living and this mobile device has all the necessary features to help us achieve it.

However, HTC Sensation does not limit you to organizational changes, and you can actually increase this poor and mean organizer by utilizing the right application. Our favorite is Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud service that gives you 2 GB of storage. DropBox for Android is the customer and you need to use your mobile phone to drag and drop any kind of file or document. You can also access DropBox through any Windows or Apple OS device you can and even purchase additional space with subscription for free.

Almost we need to make a list of administrator and laptop software and Evernote is a particularly good choice because it combines both the style of applications in one and it does it with synergy. The app's notebook is a powerful tool that lets you create flight notes by typing or typing with a fingerstand or stylus pen. The program also offers you a wide range of organizational tools, and if a note has to be done, you can simply redirect to any of your task lists.

Note that it can be a very useful feature and even if it does not take time, we do not always have time for it. This is where an app like a voice recorder is so successful. Simply press the joystick and you can then speak the note in the microphone in the perception. You can then rewrite the note in Evernote when you have time, or you can simply "drop" it into Evernote as an audio file that you can listen to when you need the information.

Continue planning can be quite easy, but many companies men and women seem to be having trouble with this area. It's almost impossible to track and it's not uncommon to come home with a dozen or so business cards, more if you're a regular or similar event. For these people, CamCard Lite is a perfect tool that lets you scan business cards. Once you have scanned the card, this application will automatically collect all necessary information, such as your phone, name, address, and then store it in your database. So, you see, there are many organized features in a mobile phone like the perception. All you have to do is take the time to view the Android App Market and choose your favorite apps.

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