Inside the iPhone – What Works

The iPhone has revolutionized people's communication. Not only can be used as a mobile phone, but also for surfing, texting, navigation, wireless routing, shopping assistant and much more!

It is possible that you discarded or knew people who dropped out of their iPhone and caused cosmetic and functional damage. These phones can range up to $ 300 up to $ 800.

In addition to being packed in a convenient small device, you must also be very careful when handling your phone. A slight slippage, and the phone could be placed on a nasty cracked screen.

If you've finished cracking the iPhone and feel like Macgyver is pulling out, here are some things you should know …

If you're not technically inclined, stop reading and paying a technician to fix the iPhone. It can damage it without repair if you do not know what it is doing.

It was valuable inside each hardware to fit in like a puzzle game, even if one thing is stopped, the phone will not work perfectly.

When the phone drops at the right angle and on the right, the most common fracture will be the glass screen. You can often use the phone as normal, just a nasty mistake. Other times, the drop may break the bottle and not read your finger.

If this happens, the digitizer is wrong. The digitizer is only beneficial for the glass. If you change the glass window, you can also replace the digitizer. Although they can be separated from each other, they will be installed together.

The next frequent break when you copy iPhone, the LCD screen. This is the part that displays the image. Sometimes the LCD will be damaged, but your glass will not crack.

If you encounter other issues with your iPhone, you can tell which parts to replace, find out which component control works on your iPhone.

The bottom dock is located at the bottom of the iPhone and has the antenna to pick up the carrier. Connects to the battery and USB cable that can be connected to iTunes or the charger. The bottom dock is the left speaker and the right microphone.

The power button, vibrating key, volume key, and headphone jack are controlled by the top unit. It is a thin ribbon circuit that can be replaced by removing the entire phone. The upper assembly is therefore the most labor-intensive repair.

The only button on the bottom of the iPhone is the home button. When you press this button, it is noticeable that it returns to the iPhone home screen. If this does not work, your home button needs to be modified. It is more than likely that the buttons are broken under the button.

If you do not hear someone on the iPhone, this may be the headset. This section is located on the center frame that connects the glass screen and the LCD.

On the iPhone, there are a lot of problems that can be solved by replacing the specific part that controls the problem feature. The only thing that can not be replaced is the motherboard that is the brain of the iPhone.

Technically replaceable when receiving the motherboard from a well-functioning phone. You can not buy a motherboard, because it would make more sense to buy just a whole new phone.

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