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Many people are still questioning how to advertise their site to get good traffic. Additionally, it is interesting that each one has its own requirement of unique visits, for example, some believe that 40 visitors per day are moving forward, while others have at least 200, while the third and 1000 are small. However, few people think that the more attention they receive, the more they will be coming tomorrow. Anyway, here are some tips on how to keep visitors to a useful site.

First, imagine yourself at the visitor's site. If this is difficult for you, ask your friends (acquaintances) to visit the site and check out all the moves and questions. Do you like it here? Is it easy to find the information it needs? Can you go back to your site without your request? Performing such tests and eliminating errors (for visitors) can achieve more success than using the highest positions in the search engine.

And now that people are finally interested in visiting your site? Here are some tips (they are a bit off-track as you can expect):

1. Quality Content.

Random visitors to the site, usually not many. Most often we are those who deliberately look for a product, service or information on an interesting question. The content of your site should reflect the visitor's needs. It is therefore better to write content than to look for mythical optimum keyword density.

If you are offering services or products, the description should be made clear so that you can quickly assess the firm's strengths, interests, product quality, warranty, and more. Content should keep the visitor's attention and encourage you to contact the company.

Content is king, as Google employees say.

And they're right. Even if you have a fun website or blog, there is nothing to attract the attention of the user (design, number of external links or presence of keywords in the title) as content, interesting or useful.

2. Competent navigation

Visitor has come to your site's site, usually this is the home page. Most often, if visitors are interested, they want to see more pages, find more interesting (or useful) information (content). In the event that navigation on the site is very simple, happily "floating" on your site, you intuitively understand (or remember) which parts are located.

Who knows the social network Without knowing how to move from session to session, from one friend to another, no longer hesitated where to click and where to find the necessary information . Remember another site, for example, many people use Yandex or Google Mail. Navigation and mail handling are practically the lowest in detail. The success of these postal employees is in the comfort of their use (usability). What prevents you from thinking about navigating through the web site so you can quickly and pleasantly work with it?

Uncomfortable navigation of your site and, if it is not considered a quality content, you do not expect visitors to stay for a long time on your site or recommend it to someone else's friends.

3. Usability.

In this case, I mean all the parameters that make it possible to use the resource as efficiently as possible. For example, the presence of a large number of banners on the site, pop-ups, or unrestrained dialogues hinder the user's interaction with the resource. The same applies to non-readable texts, color solutions, the convenience of block placement, and so on. Many articles have been described for usability, such as Google, read.

If you are providing services, you should not miss out on what you offer on your site. Want to hide the customer and not lose it? Therefore, you will do everything in your power to ensure that your website is more usable, starting with your design and ending with the speed of loading your pages.

Remember the most frequently visited pages. You remember? And think about why you come back to them again and again? What can you identify, useful and feasible in the project? These three "whales" will help you within the next to three months to significantly increase your participation by using a special SEO expert .

Source by Hannah Cuthbertson

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