Increase battery life for iPhone and iPod Touch


  1. First, turn off the Equalizer on your device. How? Go to Setup> Music> EQ> OFF
  2. for equalizer to use multiple batteries for sound processing.EQ) Just turn it off. Please buy more good iPhone and iPod Touch headphones, such as Shure, Monster Beat.
  3. If you are not using your iPhone or iPod Touch, just place your device in SLEEP MODE. How to do it? Press the button in the upper left corner. If you turn off your device completely, you will use several batteries during the boot process.
  4. Turn off the screen while listening to music. This 70% saves battery life.
  5. In the latest firmware, the iPhone or iPod Touch has new features that automatically update / automatically notify the battery. Turn it off when not in use.
  6. If you are in dark or low light, reduce the brightness or display light. Go to Setup> Brightness and turn off the auto brightness function and use the lowest setting at the brightness level.
  7. If you are not using Bluetooth, WIFI, EDGE, 3G or SSH. Just turn it off.
  8. Upload your device wisely. Never wait until the device is 0% battery. Just upload if you have time.
  9. Is the battery still not enough for you? You can buy something called an iPhone / iPod Touch battery pack or a spare battery. With this extra battery, battery life increases. Quality and battery capacity are usually 6-10 hours longer.

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Source by John Kramer Smith

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