Incorrect iPhone Repair Warning Released

Fraud relies on fears that users face technical issues in their devices, and criminal groups spend unsuspecting people up to 50 pounds through the phone to bring their devices back with full functionality despite the fact that there is nothing really bad for them.

This terrible approach to the cheating phone owners has been the first in the United States, but has been reported by British users since a message appears on the screen and urges them to call the 0800 because their device was supposed to be "

The alert that appears when users visit certain sites in Safari also claims that third-party apps blame the problem and claims that if users are not called

In reality anyone who calls the number on the screen will be transferred to someone who requests payment card information and resumes their money from their account

This kind of identity theft it may be effective if targeted people are unsure of how to operate their device and their concerns and because the problem is software-based rather than hardware-based, customers do not think they're going to put their device in an official Apple store or a recognized repair channel.

In that case, replacing iPhone parts will not make any difference because the scam appears as a pop-up message that appears to be uninstalled as long as the handset connects to the Internet.

The circumstance that some users find is to activate the airplane mode from the settings menu, then clear Safari browser history and cookies. For those who are not affected yet, we recommend deactivating popup windows when Safari is used, as this prevents the alert from appearing.

There is a large privacy problem in the mobile phone market when it comes to finding a major cause. And where fraud as part of the iPhone against traditional email fraud scams means it seems to take over the whole device and reach users for fraudsters.

Using financial data to third parties on the phone is always a bad idea, but it's perfectly possible to see how people can be deceived, especially if they do not know how Apple's mobile ecosystem works. Hopefully, this light will become clearer, less people will lose what is deliberately a particularly malicious example of big mobs.

Source by David I Humphrey

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