Improve battery life on your iPhone

Many iPhone users usually have problems with battery life. The common complaint is that the batteries are defective because they are running too fast. In most cases this is not true. The battery life of the phone can be improved with a few tweaks. These include:

1. Turning Bluetooth off when not in use

Bluetooth is used to transfer files between certain phones and computers. It can be used to make calls and listen to music with a suitable device. However, this ability drains the battery very quickly. We recommend that you use this capability when there are no other options available.

2nd Turn off Wi-Fi

If you do not actively use a wireless hot spot, we recommend turning it off. The wireless adapter charges the battery in just a few hours. Also, do not use Wi-Fi if other options are available.

3rd Reduce Screen Brightness

The screen takes up much of the battery's energy due to the dirty size. Since it is not advisable to turn it off, reduce the brightness to the minimum. You can also set the brightness setting automatically, depending on the environment in which it is illuminated.

4th Turn off Push Notifications

These notifications are very energy-consuming. This is because most people have multiple apps, all of which are permanently notified. The iPhone also has built-in notification capabilities. The combined effect of your iPhone battery is running out after very good hours.

5th Turn Off or Location Services

The iPhone has built-in GPS capabilities. In addition, there are a number of applications that allow people and places, These location services require a lot of energy, so it's best to turn them off if you do not use them.

6th Activating the lock function

This feature allows you to lock yourself when you are not using it. This prevents accidental calls or activating the battery drain as soon as the phone moves into the pocket. This is a simple but effective measure.

7th Turn off the music features

Turn off the radio when it is not in use because the antenna rinses the battery during use. You should also take off the music equalizer off. This function improves the sound quality, but the battery is surprisingly high.

8th Turn off the vibration mode

This feature can be used with games, some applications, and the built-in features of the iPhone, such as the alarm clock. If you turn it off at certain times, you can charge the battery for a few hours.

In order to maintain the iPhone battery life in a nutshell, you should consider switching off any unnecessary features that are not active.

Source by Lexi L Davis

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