Importance of Computer in Medicine

Computers have now become an integral part of our lives. Be it schools or colleges or offices or hospitals or at home, there's hardly any place where you can not see a computer. The importance of a computer can not be believed in words. Apart from making our work simpler, easier and faster, computers really help people in many life-threatening situations. And this contribution can not be put into words.

Especially in the field of medicine and hospitals we have seen so much progress that was not possible if there were no computers for our help there. In this article we will discuss some key areas of medicine where computers have helped us humans and make our lives simpler, easier and better.

1. Computerized Robotic: Former days, if a patient is in need of treatment by a doctor, hospital doctors need to be in a hospital for that patient all the time. To perform diagnosis, act patients and monitor postoperative surgery, a physician had to be physically free of the patient. Now it's not the case. With advances on computers, hospitals have introduced advanced technology and treatments for treatment by the doctor able to carry out diagnosis and monitoring thousands of miles away from the patient.

Even operations are done remotely with the help of a robber. The introduction of motorized operations has made the lives of many needy patients easier. If a particular service is not available on site, the patient does not have to travel hundreds of miles to go to a better hospital. The hospital and its services come directly to him / her. Your doctor can perform the external operation with the help of the motor arm located near the patient and check all the necessary body elements on the digital display in front of him / her. It's literally as a doctor performs the action personally. The introduction of motorized surgery has made the operation and treatment of the patients in need much faster, easier and cheaper at the same time.

2. Statistical Internal Analysis: There are frequent scenarios where the patient must perform the patient's internal diagnosis for the clear picture and condition of the disease. Certain tumors and cancer may seem neutral from the inside but from the inside the situation can be completely different, and it can not be realized until the correct internal diagnosis of the infected part of the body is performed. Even performing CT scans, X-Ray and other scanners can not provide the correct condition of the disease and can delay the treatment at the same time.

The introduction of statistical internal analysis has made the job much easier, faster and effective. While using a computerized internal diagnosis, a computer-driven tiny robot is usually installed with a camera head in the patient's body. Tiny robots make their way through the diseased part of the body and provide real-time images of inner parts at the same time. Doctors can literally see each area of ​​infected parts and then make a justifiable decision about the importance of the disease and can perform the treatment accordingly.

3. Computer Electromagnetic Disorders: There are many minor to moderate internal and external medical problems that are now being treated with electromagnetic fields with computer help.

Earlier these conditions and many such medical cards need to perform surgery and keep the patient in hospitals for a few days. With the advent of electromagnetic therapies, these problems are taken without the surgery, and the patient does not have to be in a hospital either. The patient can simply go out and perform his daily rituals as before.

These are some of the basics where computers have found ways to show how important they are in our medical disciplines. Daily new advances are being made in the field of health, many injurious diseases are now cured and all this is due to the advances in the computer and technology sector. With your computer's speed, efficiency and applications increasing every day, many more improvements are expected in the near future.

Source by Harry S Suppal

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