Illegally downloading movies – You're the crime, you time

Illegal movie downloads, most people know a person who has fallen in, though not many people are familiar with the legality and problems that come when illegally downloading movies online. The great amount of free-access content available on the Internet no wonder why some people try to download movies and do not know the possible consequences. Nearly 16.6 million people illegally downloaded the movie "Avatar" in 2010, which shows why the industry is waiting to stop and hopefully stop the ever-increasing flow of illegal downloads.

There is no other way to download movies illegally, a malicious phenomenon, and hobbyists violating the law. Download pirated movies as a criminal offense, which can lead to different discriminatory punishments for both uploading movies and downloading files to your file sharing sites and your own computer. Penalties can range from high fines to imprisonment for those who spend movies.

Penalty is probably the most used punishment method used by the film industry to download illegal films. In April this year, a group of 20,000 people were lost by an American copyright group to illegally download the movies and stated that another 30,000 people were planning the same action. The new technology means that the web software can automatically track users who download material from torrents and mark people who suspect illegal activity to the competent authority.

Although not as common as a severe punishment, those who have been found guilty may also be imprisoned. The perpetrators of serious crimes and repeated offenders are known to be in custody. More recently, a new law is being discussed in Germany. It has been suggested that anyone who finds himself guilty of downloading an illegal movie for personal purposes will be sentenced to two years in prison. Anyone who found guilty of downloading or copying movies for commercial gain would be five years old. These are the moves that copyright and film industry are urging to replicate in all leading countries. Again, you have to consider what you want to do, spend some money to legally buy movies from legal sites, or risk losing it over a grid for a long time.

During the new steps of major filmmakers, ISPs have been pushing to provide information to downloading movies and ask them to completely ban them from the internet in the future by blocking their IP address. Another new policy implemented by many ISPs is three strike rules. If you suspect that you are downloading illegal movies, you will send a large letter that states that you stop all activities, ignoring this and the following follow-up letter, then receiving a third strike. In the third strike, we send the details to the owners of copyrighted material that may request that you not only prohibit the use of the Internet, but also participate in a legal process where you will be prosecuting.

There is such a high risk of illegal downloading of movies, real imprisonment or severe fines. No wonder why many people are still involved in this practice if there are plenty of affordable legal sites to use. He warned if the crime had to be ready to be able to do the time when and when it was caught. Keep in mind that technology is growing every day, the movie industry is worth millions and will not allow suspects to steal them freely.

Source by Richard Acourt

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