If you want to learn how to design nest loops and reflective tales with hypnosis

This article on the use of nest loops and hypnotic stories as hypnosis technology deals with five kinds of stories. First, there is a very short example. This will be a true life list that must be short and conversational.

The latter story is anecdote. An anecdote is a true life story that involves the use of sensational descriptions to put a whole platform, where were they, where were they, how things happened, what were the causes and effects of history.

The third story is called a direct story. This is a story that will never introduce itself in a way that can be interpreted differently, it is a story.

The fourth story will be an adventure. Adventure scenes are stories where almost everyone can communicate in some way because most people grew up listening to them. &

The fifth story used in this hypnosis method is another type of direct story that is a hybrid of genuine and structured history. This may be a direct story in the sense that it is a true event, but it can also be a fiction.

Part Two – What To Do With Five Stories

Five Stories Are Exemplary Only, you can use stories that match the event, the problem or occasion the customer is dealing with. You must begin with a story that you say in part, then go to story two, and then story three. The story four, the adventure, you must say perfectly.

Having told the story of four go back into rumors three at the start of the story five. After that, you will begin to tell the end of your stories in the other row; The first story five, the story three (because the story four is already finished), the story two and finally the story one.

This special clean loop was created with the third story as the first focus and the second stories were added in the beginning to make the introduction of the third story more flowing. You can also add other relationships with hypnosis in these stories when you create your hypnosis.

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