If you want a budget, smartphone, Nokia C3 is ideal

For an affordable alternative to BlackBerry or Nokia E series phones, the Nokia C3 should be your first choice. With integrated support for various messaging and online applications and full QWERTY keyboard, this phone is ideal for social networking and web browsing on a budget. The C3 is also loaded with various media, including digital cameras and multimedia players.

Your device has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen that has been installed horizontally to optimize browsers and messages. The phone comes in either gray or white, a little hot pink is an option for the ladies. A software package consisting of Symbian S40 enables smooth running and navigation is centralized to the Navi key which doubles as the primary function button. The device is very neat and the cover is incredibly smooth with rounded edges and shiny finish. This phone is both comfortable to handle and very handy.

The phone is well connected; It is based on Wi Fi for fast web connection and cellular network coverage is handled with Class A GPRS and EDGE. Bluetooth technology and USB connectivity enable C3 to communicate with compatible hardware devices. The microSD slot can handle SD cards up to 8GB and the phone has a top connected 3.5mm AV connection for personal headphone usage.

In terms of messages, C3 is well packed with email support with all popular service providers like Hotmail and Gmail being compatible. Nokia has also provided Ovi Mail services as an extra feature. Instant messages are also shared and the coverage of all the most popular publishers is recorded. C3 is socially aware and has a special "Communities" device that offers live Facebook and Twitter feeds directly to the home screen.

Digital camera will satisfy the impetuous snappers out there; It's only 2MP effort, but the output is incredibly good; there are numbers in balance settings and editing tools for 4x digital zoom for close-up. The camera is capable of recording video and all captured images and videos can be downloaded to social networking and web sites.

Nokia has a pre-installed music player that also supports FM radio. Multiple file types can be played and the player organizes layers in categories for easy access, mp3 can also be used as ringtone with unique ringtone assignment also possible. The video player is as good at playing a variety of video file formats and videos look great on the 320 x 240 screen.

In C3, Nokia has provided a software package that provides users with home network information that can be customized to include the information that the user wants. Social networks and messages are covered well and with increased support from the QWERTY keyboard, the overall messaging experience is very pleasing. So if you want a budget, message smartphone, the Nokia C3 is ideal.

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